If Erdoğan wins again, Turkey will see a watered-down version of Taliban and ISIS rule

In a commentary about the elections, the Party of Free Women in Kurdistan Council Member Ronahî Serhat calls for Erdoğan to be voted out on 28 May. If the dictator continues to rule, Turkey will end up with a regime like the Taliban or ISIS, she warns.

The elections took place not in an anti-democratic climate, but under conditions of fascism. In fact, every moment beyond the election was also marked by resistance and struggle. The women, the Kurdish people and the democratic forces of Turkey successfully expressed their will at the ballot boxes despite repression, all kinds of obstacles and theft of votes. Even though we cannot say that the will of the democratic, liberal and ecological structures could be fully shown because of electoral fraud, the result that came out in spite of fascism and in spite of dictatorship is all the more significant. The people of Kurdistan and the democratic forces of Turkey have made their will clear at the ballot box and the Alliance for Labour and Freedom has managed to become the first political force in Kurdistan and the third strongest force in Turkey. It is the only alternative for democratic change, a democratic solution and freedom for the whole of Turkey. It is not just about opposition to a government, instead it is about a spirit of resistance leading the struggle for democracy. The Alliance for Labour and Freedom is organising radical democracy to build a future for all individuals, whether Kurdish, Turkish, Armenian, Alevi, Yazidi, Sunni, female, youth or male, and every component of society in Turkey and Kurdistan based on freedom.

The attitude of the Kurdish people towards the predatory, genocidal and fascist AKP/MHP system is clear. They have shown their will in the elections on 14 May. The Alliance for Labour and Freedom did not set out with the sole aim of winning elections. It will go down in the history of democracy in Turkey with an unforgettable historic mark by fulfilling its historical role in the overthrow of Erdoğan's dictatorship in the presidential election on 28 May. The Alliance is aware of its historical task and responsibility towards women, youth and the peoples of Turkey and Kurdistan and will act in this sense.

Now it is the turn of the peoples in Turkey!

There is very little time left before the elections, so it is necessary now to draw attention to certain errors. Now that the parliamentary election, in which the parties contested with independent lists or alliances, is behind us, all those who oppose Erdoğan should focus on winning the presidential election. It would be a big mistake for the CHP to plan the presidential election, like the parliamentary election, solely in terms of its own base. Kılıçdaroğlu is not running alone as the candidate of the CHP or the Nation’s Alliance. In the 14 May elections, he received votes from all of Kurdistan and half of Turkey. This shows that he is entering the race as the people's candidate. This is a phenomenon that goes far beyond the CHP or the Nation’s Alliance. In this situation, the CHP should work with the organised political representations of all those who voted for Kılıçdaroğlu on 14 May. The CHP representatives should overcome their narrow-minded attitude. It can be seen that the small parties that make up the Nation’s Alliance are quite satisfied with the number of deputies they have received and have now retreated to their corners. It is obvious that they are only participating for show, while Meral Akşener (Leader of IYI Party) has maintained her resentful, protesting and enforcing attitude from the beginning. Defeating the Erdogan dictatorship in the presidential election is a task for Turkey as a whole society. The lies, robbery and vileness of this government know no bounds. It rules by fraud and blackmail and has turned the country into a party state.

Those who compete in Turkishness, nationalism and love of the fatherland and permanently argue about who is more nationalistic are in reality neither interested in Turkey nor in the people. In their mentality, there is only one place for women, that as an object, as a sexual object. Their only interest is hostility to the Kurds, their power, their own interests and seats. They are not interested at all in the reality in Turkey, in the fact that the country is on the brink of the abyss, in the people who are falling into poverty, who are deprived of any fundamental rights and freedoms and are condemned to a life of dignity and alienation.

Those who spread the legend that [the far-right presidential candidate] Sinan Oğan has appeared like a rabbit out of a hat and believe that they can save Turkey by endearing themselves to him are under a great delusion. Sinan Oğan benefited to a critical extent from the electoral fraud and intense media propaganda and was purposefully built up to be the decisive player in the second round. However, if the political strength of the Kurdish people is taken into account, the attempt to complete the marathon presidential election with Oğan could be a dead end. To impose nationalism as the only option on a society that yearns for democracy is to play into the hands of the regime. Oğan, who himself seems surprised at what he has become, is being portrayed as a figure crucial to Turkey's fate. It has been discussed for days whether he will give preference to Erdoğan or Kılıçdaroğlu. Why has Oğan emerged as a presidential candidate at all if Turkey would have a good fate with Erdoğan? Why are people not asking about this? After all, you run for president if you don't want Erdoğan's dictatorship anymore. So those who are against the government and have an opposition and a struggle to show, present themselves to society as an alternative.

In this respect, it is opportunism and short-term political profiteering if Oğan, who does not care about Turkey, tries to expand his negotiating power as much as possible in the field of tension between Kılıçdaroğlu and Erdoğan. In any case, it is well known what a nationalist attitude means, so there is no need to assess this further at this point. Those who dream of democracy with the cudgel of nationalism in their hands should turn back from this delusion. Instead of spreading more nationalism, the priority should be to unite the people and thus bring the country out of darkness.


Erdoğan has used religion to exploit and plunder the people. He has made Turkey completely dependent on foreign countries, cut off the people from production, made even agriculture dependent on the outside and condemned the people to hunger. With him, education and health have reached an all-time low. He tries to gloss over all his crimes with the "defence of the fatherland against terror". He is a disgrace to the people of Turkey.

He is the disgrace of those who have lost so much of their personality that they consider it an honour to serve Erdoğan. He is the disgrace of those who remain silent in the face of injustice and defile their consciences. Now is the time for the people of Turkey to be freed from this disgrace! It is time to do justice and settle accounts with this criminal gang.

Erdoğan and his dictatorship, whose actions are all crimes that have driven social and political immorality to new heights and shamelessly legitimise the rape of children and crimes against women against society, are doomed to fall. Erdoğan is the epitome of the Taliban and ISIS mindset. We know that the HÜDA-PAR was not included in the People's Alliance just because of the votes, because it does not have a significant share of the votes. Through the AKP list, murderers, misogynists, rapists, people who abuse religion, thieves and rip-off artists were brought into parliament. A few self-absorbed male journalists who have made a name for themselves in the Turkish media argue that there is nothing to fear and no danger when HÜDA-PAR has four MPs. Presenting oneself as knowing and trying to put women to sleep is a typical expression of patriarchal attitudes. One consoles oneself by pretending that there is a difference between Erdoğan's attitude and the Mullah regime, the Taliban or HÜDA-PAR. It is a denial of the facts. If they do it unconsciously, then they must be warned. But if all this is done to reassure women and society, then it means nothing but tacit complicity with HÜDA-PAR.

Women will not sit side by side with murderers and rapists in parliament, instead they will fight. They will extend the social struggle everywhere and lead it effectively. The programme of HÜDA-PAR is an even more open expression of the AKP's attitude. Those who are appalled by HÜDA-PAR's terrible ideas regarding women need only to look at women's policies and their implementation by the Erdoğan regime and the AKP. Under the rule of the AKP, attempts were made to put into practice the views of the HÜDA-PAR regarding women through religious orders, educational institutions, the religious authority, cultural and other institutions. Throughout his rule, Erdoğan has directly targeted women and attacked the basic values and dignity of society. If Erdoğan wins again, Turkey will see a watered-down version of Taliban and ISIS rule in the aftermath. However, women will mobilise and bury the re-election of Erdoğan, the representative of green fascism on the line of the Taliban, ISIS and HÜDA-PAR, at the ballot boxes on 28 May. The women and the youth are the decisive forces that together will determine their own future and the free and democratic future of Kurdistan and Turkey. In the historically decisive elections on 28 May, women will defeat the misogynist Erdoğan, who has driven sexism to the level of fascism.