In the footsteps of the Italian Partisans: Solidarity with Kurdistan

Internationalist antifascists send greetings from the mountains of Italy to the guerrillas in the mountains of Kurdistan from an initiative in the footsteps of the partisans and for resistance to fascism.

For over 25 years, hikes have taken place along the old partisan paths of the Resistenza (Resistance) in Italy. In this way, young antifascists have the opportunity to meet partisans of the past on the paths of the Resistance. The hike, Sentieri Partigani, takes place again in the region of Emilia Romagna in the last weeks of August.

From the hike, internationalist anti-fascists send their solidarity greetings to the PKK guerrillas fighting against Turkish fascism in the mountains of Kurdistan. In their message of greetings, they write: "The region around the city of Reggio Emilia became the stronghold of the Italian partisan movement against fascism from 1943. In all areas, from the armed struggle to the infrastructure necessary for survival, a dense network of resistance was formed among the population until the liberation in 1945. This resistance has been deeply inscribed in the collective memory of the region until today and is passed on, among others, by the Istoreco [] association. The few partisans who are still alive today share their knowledge and experiences with the new generations. From their stories of courage and sorrow, loss and success, emerge again and again hope and strength, as well as the responsibility to continue the anti-fascist struggles today.

Today many people fight for freedom and justice, like the EZLN in the jungles of Chiapas in Mexico or the guerrillas of the PKK in the mountains of Kurdistan. Today, the guerrillas are facing the Turkish state, one of the largest NATO armies. Since April 23, Turkey has been carrying out an incredible resistance against airstrikes, the use of chemical weapons, Turkish soldiers and Islamist mercenaries, and the destruction of forests and mountains. Like the resistance against fascism in Italy at that time, the resistance of the Kurdish freedom movement shows us today: stronger than fascism and war are still the will and the hope for a free life.

As a sign of international solidarity, as a sign of our unity in the heart, we send our greetings from the mountains of Italy to the fighters in the mountains of Kurdistan".