ISIS gangs in Afrin with Turkish patches

The Turkish state continues to organize ISIS gangs and utilize them in various uniforms in Afrin and Shehba. There are many ISIS members on duty in Afrin under the guise of FSA.

As ISIS is increasingly defeated, tens of thousands of its members crossed into Turkey and Northern Syrian regions under Turkish invasion. Some had already changed their uniforms and joined the Euphrates Shield gangs on August 24, 2016 when they entered Jarablus without firing a single bullet. The ISIS members who crossed into Turkey and areas under Turkish state invasion are serving the Turkish state today in both Turkey and Northern Syria. Some of the ISIS members in Northern Syria attempt assassinations under the Kiyam Movement controlled by the MİT in areas controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), while most of them have been stationed in the invasion of Afrin and they remain there still.

Among ISIS members in ISIS there are both gang leaders, perpetrators of massacres and those active in the intelligence field. The ISIS members in Afrin serving the AKP have also carried out invasion attacks in Kurdish areas.

The Turkish state cited ISIS along with the YPG as they implemented the invasion of Afrin, but under their control Afrin was turned into a new front for ISIS, whereas the gangs had never been able to enter the province before.


Some of the ISIS members stationed in invaded areas of Afrin and Shehba by Turkey and their ranks are as follows:

Beshar Ali Ubeyd: Was previously in Deir ez-Zor, in Abdullah Bin Zubeyr Battalion under ISIS. Is now in the Sultan Murad gang loyal to the Turkish state in Afrin.

Hamza Memduh El Matrud: From Hama’s Al Shair village. Was in ISIS for 2 years. Later crossed into Turkey-controlled areas and groups in Shehba. Participated in the Afrin invasion. Currently in gangs in Jindirese, Afrin.

Halid Tirki El Hesan: Born in 1989. Was in Al Quriya village in Deir ez-Zor as part of ISIS. Crossed into Turkey by the end of 2017. Joined Isud Al Qaqa gang in Turkey. Currently an active member of gangs loyal to Turkey in Northern Syrian territory controlled by Turkey.

Abud Ali Ubeyt El Adi: Previously part of the “police organization” of ISIS in Deir ez-Zor. Currently a member of Turkish state backed gangs in Northern Syria.

Hesan El Muhammed: From Aleppo’s Mesakin Hinano territory. Previous member of ISIS intelligence in Aleppo’s Derhafer village. Later joined Ahrar Sharqiyya and the Liwa Alsalaciqa Battalion, currently serving the MİT in Northern Syrian areas invaded by Turkey.

Omer Zuheyr El Aqil: From the Barshaya village of Bab’s Qebasin town. Joined ISIS when ISIS entered Bab. Served in ISIS intelligence. Later joined the Sultan Murad gang. Currently in Northern Syrian areas invaded by Turkey.

Ahmet Salih El Tokan: From the Meskene district of Til Temir. Was an amir for the suicide bombers in ISIS. Used to be called Abu Asad Al Ingilizi in ISIS. Currently in Turkish gangs in Northern Syria.

Tarık Abdullah Aqrep: From the Lobine village of Kobanê. Used to be called Abu Abdullah in ISIS. Moved to ISIS intelligence in 2014. Later joined the Qatiba Al Hamzat gang and served as a commander. Currently stationed in Afrin as a commander in the same gang.

Eymen Mustafa Diyap: From the Qasimiye village of Kobanê. Was an active ISIS fighter. Participated in the attack against Kobanê. Currently stationed in Northern Syrian areas invaded by Turkey.

Ali Ehmet El Emin: Code name Abu Ducani. From the Belqis village in Til Hemis. Was responsible for several ISIS control points in Hesekê. Crossed into Aleppo’s northern villages after SDF cleared Hesekê. Joined Ahrar Sharqiyya in Aleppo. Currently part of Ahrar Sharqiyya intelligence.

Samir El Usud: From Deir Ez Zor. Used code name Abu Qasim in ISIS. Currently serving as a bodyguard to an Ahrar Sharqiyya commander.

Mahmut Herdan: From Deir ez-Zor. Took on code name Abu Naji Al Ansari after joining ISIS. Currently part of the Ahrar Sharqiyya gang in Afrin.

Isa El Muhammed: From Girê Spî (Tal Abyad). Joined ISIS in 2016. Took on code name Abu Muhammed Shemaliye. Used to be a “normal” ISIS member, then became a gang leader (emir) in a territory in Raqqa. Crossed into Deir ez-Zor to become Agriculture Officer. Crossed into Azaz by late 2017 and joined Turkey backed gangs. Currently in Afrin.

Abduleziz Hidir El Ehmet: From the Xweyran neighborhood of Hesekê. Stayed in Sheddade and Deir Ez Zor after joining ISIS. Joined Ahrar Sharqiyya after ISIS and is currently in Afrin.

Xeyrat Muhammed El Xeyri: From the Qoriya village of Deir ez-Zor. Joined ISIS from Deir Ez Zor. Worked in manufacturing weapons, mortars and armored vehicles. Was responsible for mortar shells and preparing car bombs. Later crossed into the Shehba region under Turkish invasion. Currently weapons, mortar shells and armored vehicles manufacturing officer for the Turkish state in Jarablus.

Ali Yusuf El Selami: From the Shuyix village in Kobanê. Joined ISIS there. Participated in Kobanê and Manbij attacks. Later crossed into invaded territory in Shehba. Currently in Northern Syrian territory invaded by Turkey, stationed as a commander in the Ahrar Shuyix gang working for the Turkish state.

Musenna Ayit El Mukeydi: From the Jura territory in Deir ez-Zor. Participated in various battles in Deir ez-Zor as part of ISIS. Later crossed into Turkish state invaded Shehba and joined gangs there. Currently in Afrin with his family as part of invading gangs.

Abdurrezzak El Cerrah: From the Hesveya Mezin village in Hesekê. Joined ISIS from Hesekê and took on code name Abu Besam. Later went to northern villages of Aleppo from Hesekê and joined the Sultan Murad gang. Currently a commander in the Liwa Al Rafidan gang loyal to the Turkish state in Azaz.

Fadi Hesan El Hesan: From the Rahiya Al Zahir village in Qamishlo. Participated in invasion attacks against Til Hemis and Hol after joining ISIS. Later joined the Euphrates Shield and is still in Afrin.

Muhammed Emin El Esvet: From Hesekê/Til Hemis. Took on code name Abu Hemam Al Sharabi after joining ISIS. Has been serving as an intelligence member in the Fasil Ijnad Al Hesake gang serving the Turkish state in Northern Syrian areas invaded by the Turkish state.