Italian producer of "Letters from Shengal": The film was an opportunity to know the Yazidi better

The Italian producer of "Letters from Shengal", Fabrizia Falzetti, said that the film gave her an opportunity to know the Yazidi better.

"Letters from Shengal" by Dêrsim Zêravan is a "door to the Yazidi culture and life", said Fabrizia Falzetti, one of the producers of the film which had its premiere on Sunday in Qamishlo.

Falzetti told ANF that the film gave her "an opportunity to know the Yazidi better."

She added that "it was very important to collaborate with the Rojava Film Commune, because we could reach a wider audience who needs to be informed about what is happening in Rojava, in terms of culture, society, women."

Letters from Shengal

In Summer 2014, the Islamic State invaded Shengal, the Yazidi capital in Iraqi Kurdistan. The plan was to exterminate the ethnic/religious minority group, the Yazidis. So despised by the Islamic state, they were called “devil worshippers”. Some 5000 Yazidi men killed, and 7000 women and children taken into slavery. This film tells Shengal’s liberation through the stories of five partisans who are five archetypes of the many that came to fight against the Islamic State from several different countries.