Journalist Serdar Karakoç released on parole

Journalist Serdar Karakoç, who was detained in the Netherlands upon Germany's extradition request, was released on parole today.

Kurdish journalist Serdar Karakoç, who was brought to court today, was released on parole until his trial on 24 July. The court, which set a bail of 5 thousand euros, also decided that Karakoç would be subject to signing once a week. Karakoç's passport was also confiscated, and a travel ban was imposed.

The judge decided that Karakoç must attend the hearing on 24 July.

Karakoç was taken into custody in his home by the Dutch police on 23 May. Karakoç, who was arrested upon Germany's extradition request, has been involved in free media activities since the 1990s.