Karayilan: Germany and Canada responsible for Turkish massacres

In connection with the international support for Turkish combat drones, Murat Karayilan has accused the German government of "hostility towards the Kurds". He said: "Yesterday Saddam Hussein, today Erdogan. Germany provides arms assistance in massacres."

The escalation policy of Turkey determines at present the reporting in the media. Murat Karayilan of the Executive Council of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) assessed for the Dengê Welat radio station the current conflicts. Karayilan said with regard to the Turkish state's strategy in Kurdistan, Syria, Libya, Iraq and the Mediterranean that the AKP/MHP regime is pursuing a controlled escalation policy.

Karayilan pointed out that: “Erdoğan needs manageable crises to maintain his grip on power. Domestically, he relies on his fantasy of a great power Turkey with the role as a leading power in the region to console the population over deficits and predicaments. The easiest way to do this is through the polarization of society. The regime appeals to nationalist sentiments in order to weld together a large part of the population against an external enemy and thus put them into a deep sleep.”

“In foreign policy, he said, constant talk of "defending Turkish sovereignty" and intensified fighting rhetoric means that a now classic instrument is being used, which in case of doubt leaves no room for decision. "But in Libya the Turkish regime is in a dead end, in Syria the situation is similarly hopeless for Erdoğan. Nor is any easing of tensions in sight in the gas dispute with Athens, because Greece has the support of the EU. Erdoğan gets no movement into its deadlocked position. In other words, these efforts of the Turkish state will not be able to save the AKP/MHP regime from collapse", said Karayilan.

Perception of the threat from Turkey

Regarding the cooperation between the KDP and the AKP/MHP regime in the Turkish invasion of Southern Kurdistan, Karayilan formulated clear criticism in the direction of the Barzani clan. With regard to an appeal recently addressed to the Kurdish regional government by the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) that Hewlêr should not make itself an "accomplice of Turkish genocide policy" and should not participate in the attacks in any way, Karayilan said that the PKK was fully behind these statements, adding: "The appeal contains important points and should be understood both as a warning and a call for a solution. The text draws a picture of the current situation and formulates the ways and means to overcome the situation. So far, the KDP administration has shown no reaction. Although some of its components have issued statements reminiscent of acts of revenge, these are not the responses we expect. In any case, it is not possible to develop perspectives for a sustainable solution of problems in this way. However, a solution is needed because we have a very serious problem. In Kurdistan there are profound processes taking place, it is not about ordinary questions. Shouldn't we direct our perspective of perception to the fact that the deepening of the inter-Kurdish conflicts and the tensions between Hewlêr and the Iraqi central government in Baghdad are possibly connected to these processes?”

KDP prepares ground for inter-Kurdish war

Karayilan pointed out that the Middle East is in a "historic phase" of reorganization. The Kurds are also on stage with the claim to participate in this process. "The KDP’s participation in Turkey's plan to smash the PKK at a time like this is fatal. We can compare this situation with that of Nasreddin Hodja, who climbed a tree one day and suddenly began to chop off the branch on which he had sat down and fell down. This false policy of the KDP will produce dangerous things. Something that neither we nor the people want, let alone bring it about. Such a policy prepares the ground for an inter-Kurdish war. It can lead to the Kurdish people losing again, as in the 20th century, both strategically and politically. To avoid this, all sides must act responsibly. We are not talking about a conflict between two parties. The problem affects all of Kurdistan and the future of the Kurdish people."

The West upgrades the Turkish military

Karayilan also addressed the role of Germany and other Western states in Turkey's wars in Kurdistan. By supplying warheads, the German government in particular has massively helped the regime in Ankara to produce even modern armed drones that are used in massacres against the Kurdish people.

"The resistance of our movement is not only directed against the Turkish state. From the beginning, Turkey has been supported by NATO in its war against us. This support still continues today, although rather through various so-called stay-behind organizations. I want to say with it that the Turkish state can always count on the support from the outside. Currently, documents are appearing in the media about the participation of Germany and Canada as well as some companies in Great Britain and the US in the production of Turkish drone technology. This matter has also been discussed at the German Parliament level. It can no longer be denied: The mentioned states and their companies have provided Turkey with the necessary technology for combat drones. On its own, the Turkish state would not even be able to build a generator. How should it then manage to produce high-tech laser-guided rocket and drone systems, including measuring the speed and movement of the target object, if this country does not even have a mediocre domestic car? Shamelessly bragged about drones from "domestic production". This is not right. Without parts from abroad for the armed drones of the Turkish military, which are used against us, Turkey would be lost".

Germany and Canada responsible for massacres against Kurds

Whether using Leopard 2 tanks or technology for combat drones, Germany and Canada are partly responsible for Turkish massacres in Kurdistan, Karayilan said. The PKK Executive Council member accused the German government of "hostility toward Kurds" and continued: "Germany should once and for all abandon its hostile attitude towards the Kurdish people. In the poison gas attack on Halabja thousands of Kurds were massacred. Later it became known that Saddam Hussein was supplied with the technology needed for the massacre from Germany. The Saddam of today is Erdoğan - to whom the German government is again rendering its services. What right does Germany think it has to help the fascist massacres against the Kurdish people in this way? It is a great injustice what Germany does to the Kurds. It is a cruelty. The West allows regimes of dictators like Saddam Hussein and Erdogan to slaughter our people for money or imperialist interests. It is precisely under this aspect that the resistance of our people and our movement is taking on greater significance. An international hegemonic policy is being pursued against the Kurdish people. And we are fighting against this."