Karayılan: The freedom campaign will grow even more with the fire of Newroz

"2024 Newroz is the Newroz of raising the struggle for the freedom of Öcalan and Kurdistan," Karayılan said, emphasizing that mass participation on Newroz day is very important, especially for the conspiratorial forces to hear the cry of the people.

The PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) Executive Committee Member Murat Karayılan spoke to ANF about the latest developments on the agenda.

Stating that the Kurdish people need national unity more than ever, Karayılan said, "In this historic period, the Kurdish people must have a common strategy and realize their national unity. Even if some do not participate, those who do so should come and establish their unity. This is very important. This Newroz could be the beginning of this."

Karayılan also announced that they would announce good news in a written statement in the next few days.

Regarding the upcoming local elections on March 31, Karayılan said: "No one should vote for thieves, murderers and oppressors. I call on patriotic, conscientious and religious people to think and vote accordingly. A person's vote is his/her will; no one should sell their will. Nobody should go to the polls and vote for them for the sake of some tribes, family elders and relatives. This is not the way. People should vote for their people, for their nation, for justice. They should vote not for those who will make themselves, their families and relatives rich, but for those who will actually serve them."

We publish the first part of the PKK Executive Committee Member Murat Karayılan's comments to ANF on the agenda.

"The isolation against Rêber Apo (Leader Abdullah Öcalan) has entered its 26th year. The İmralı system is not only isolation. It is a system of torture and surrender. For 26 years, this torture system has been going on. For the last 3 years, no one can get news from İmralı. In this age of telecommunication, no one has been able to get any news from Rêber Apo and our three friends there (Öcalan’s fellow prisoners Hamili Yıldırım, Ömer Hayri Konar and Veysi Aktaş). There have been no phone calls, telegrams or letters. This is not a normal thing. The Turkish state is trampling on domestic and international law with these practices. There is no such thing in any law. This is not only an attitude against one person, but against the entire people of Kurdistan. Rêber Apo represents the people of Kurdistan. He insists on the Kurdish people's identity rights, he is determined. He is insistent on the rights to freedom and democracy. That is why this psychological torture is being carried out, seeking to make him take a step back. Based on this, the Turkish state wants to carry out a policy of annihilation and genocide in Kurdistan. The content of the genocide policy is already implemented in the İmralı system. Therefore, it is not normal. It is persecution, an attack against the will of the people of Kurdistan, an attitude.

CPT tasked with normalizing torture

Of course, the Turkish state is currently implementing this, but the forces behind the International Conspiracy also play a role here. This is also where the attitude of the CPT, which has become a subject of debate from time to time, stems from. Isn't the task of the CPT to prevent torture? Torture already exists. It is established in all international human rights laws that isolation is torture. There is torture there. So where is the CPT? Does it prevent torture? No. On the contrary, it seems that the CPT has been given the task of normalizing, of turning a blind eye. This is the role the CPT plays. In other words, it is a partner in the torture system. Undoubtedly, Rêber Apo's 26-year stance and resistance against this is very meaningful. We cannot say enough about it. Resisting against psychological torture for 26 years with such steel will, great patience and extraordinary creativity is not something easy or ordinary.

As is known, the conspiratorial forces built the İmralı system to kill Rêber Apo alive. Rêber Apo exists with his ideology, consciousness and philosophy. They created such a system so that Rêber Apo could not carry out his ideological work there, and could not deepen in philosophy. Thus, they wanted to render him meaningless. The İmralı system was essentially built for this purpose. But Rêber Apo did not just put up a classic, ordinary resistance here. But he turned it into a school, a center of concentration and research, contrary to the enemy's ambitions. He created a paradigm based on the democratic, ecological and women's liberationist line. Rêber Apo's creation in İmralı is a historical and important issue in itself. He has created the democratic nation alternative as a perspective not only for the solution of the Kurdish question, but also for the solution of the problems in the Middle East and the whole world, and for the groups and forces struggling against capitalist modernity. His work here is very meaningful and historic. This is not something ordinary. We can only attribute this to Rêber Apo's characteristics of being an army on his own, his relentless will, and his ability to fight with great patience. In the face of this stance of Rêber Apo, our people, our friends, everyone who has heard of Rêber Apo's paradigm, all Kurdish women, now gradually the women of the world, all the youth of Kurdistan, the peoples of the neighboring regions are embracing Rêber Apo more and more every day, and fighting for Rêber Apo's freedom.

The struggle for freedom for Rêber Apo and Kurdistan must get stronger

As it is known, the simultaneous declaration of the "Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan, a Political Solution to the Kurdish Question" campaign by our internationalist friends in 74 centers on October 10 was very meaningful. From then until now, an important struggle has been waged both internationally and nationally within this framework. Libertarian and democratic sectors are mobilizing and struggling not only for their own people but also for the freedom of Rêber Apo, just as they struggled for the freedom of Mandela. What does all this mean? It shows that the İmralı walls and the İmralı system have become meaningless. With the stance of Rêber Apo, again with the stance of our friends, with the struggle of Kurdistan's fedayeens and our people, the International Conspiracy was thwarted. Rêber Apo's struggle against the International Conspiracy made him an international leader and made him even greater. He was embraced by the peoples. In this sense, yes, the conspiracy was foiled, but today the Leader is still physically in isolation and captivity. That is why we need to struggle more. We need to strengthen the campaign that was started on October 10, and in this way we can socialize the struggle. On this basis, let us succeed in the march for the freedom of Rêber Apo and the march for the freedom of Kurdistan, both of which are inseparable. The foundation laid and the struggle carried out show that we have reached this stage. On this basis, the struggle for the freedom of Rêber Apo and Kurdistan must become even stronger. It will definitely succeed. 

March is the month of Newroz, but also massacres

March, as everyone knows, is the month of Newroz. The meaning of Newroz is known. It is a month of good news, a month of feast. It is also the month in which the enemies of Kurdistan constantly develop attacks against Kurdistan. Thus, it is also a month of massacres and attacks. On March 12, 2004, there was a provocation in Qamishlo. An attack was carried out against our people there and a massacre was committed. In the face of this massacre, our people started an uprising from Qamishlo to Dêrik, Kobanê and Afrin and many fell as martyrs. At the same time, on March 12, 1995, a massacre was carried out by the fascist Turkish state against the Kurdish people and the Alevi community in the Gazi neighborhood of Istanbul. There, too, the people of the Gazi Neighborhood resisted. There was a wave of resistance and martyrdom. Again, on March 16 (1988), a great genocide was committed in Kurdistan. The Halabja massacre took place. Thousands of our people there were massacred and martyred by the fascist Saddam regime using chemical weapons. I commemorate the martyrs of all three massacres with respect and honor, and I strongly condemn these massacres.

The uprising in Rojavayê (Western) Kurdistan on March 12 lasted for more than a week. It can be said that the foundation of the Rojava Revolution was actually laid at that time. On that foundation of resistance, the revolution took place. Martyrs played such a role.

Our Kurdish and Alevi people in Gazi Neighborhood have always resisted fascist attacks on the basis of the memory of the martyrs. They continue their resistance today.

The chemical weapons used by Saddam in Halabja are now being used by the Turkish state against the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas in Bashûr (Southern Kurdistan). The difference is that in Halabja it was genocide against the civilian population, but the Turkish state is using the same weapon against the guerrillas. From time to time, it also harms civilians, but basically the same mentality, the same weapon is being used in Kurdistan. The Turkish state not only uses chemical weapons as a continuation of Halabja, but as a bandit, a terrorist state, it also carries out assassinations and terrorist attacks against the people in Bakurê (Northern) Kurdistan, Bashûr (South), Rojava (West) and even Rojhilat (East) from time to time. The Turkish state continues its attacks against the Kurdish people today with the same fascist, racist mentality. However, in memory of the massacres and all the martyrs, we are resisting against the racism and genocide of the Turkish state. We will continue the struggle and we will not leave their blood unavenged. We will keep their memories alive by raising the Kurdistan Freedom Struggle.

On March 8, two of our patriots, Seîd Mubarek and Aras Ferec, were martyred in an enemy attack in Garê. I commemorate both of them with respect; I offer my condolences to their families, the Zêbarî tribe and the people of Southern Kurdistan. I wish a speedy recovery to those who were wounded. These patriots were murdered as a result of Turkish state fascism and genocide. They are martyrs of the cause of freedom. The Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla will fulfill its duty and will not leave the blood of these two martyrs unavenged.

March 12 was also the beginning of other things. For example, the United Revolutionary Movement of Peoples (HBDH) was declared on March 12. On this occasion, I respectfully commemorate our two heroes, Delal Amed and Ulaş Adalı, who took part in the declaration platform of the HBDH, made a speech and later fell as martyrs in the struggle, and I reiterate once again our promise to our heroic martyrs.

Again, the Democratic Self-Determination resistance that started in Bakurê Kurdistan in 2015 has an important place in our struggle. Starting from Sur, Cizre, Nusaybin, Silvan, Yüksekova, Şırnak, Silopi, İdil, Dargeçit and Varto and spreading to many cities of Kurdistan, the resistance has a very important place in our history. One of the most notable among these resistances was the commander of the Sur resistance, comrade Çiyager, who was martyred on March 12, 2016, after 105 days of sacrificial fighting in the capital Amed. I also commemorate the precious sacrificial commander, Çiyager, with respect and reiterate our promise to them.

Rêber Apo started his historic march 51 years ago on Newroz day. On this basis, the fire of Newroz has become bigger and more meaningful day by day.

First of all, on behalf of all our friends and the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla, we congratulate Rêber Apo on Newroz and send our greetings. Again, I congratulate all the people of Kurdistan, the mothers of the martyrs, the peoples of the region, everyone who believes in the Newroz tradition, all comrades and revolutionaries. I wish everyone success in the New Year's struggle. On the occasion of this holy day, I respectfully commemorate all the Newroz martyrs in the person of Comrade Mazlum Doğan, the Contemporary Kawa. We reiterate our promise to them. The flag they raised, the fire they raised will be the fire of victory, the fire of freedom and the fire of keeping the memory of the martyrs alive. We will not spare anything we can to fulfill this promise, we will fulfill it.

Newroz has a meaningful place in the history of many peoples in the Middle East and the people of Kurdistan. In the history of our movement's struggle, it has even more meaning. As I have mentioned, when Rêber Apo was preparing to make a historic breakthrough, he was looking for traditional heritage. The one he saw best was Newroz. He took the resistance of Newroz as a basis, the resistance of Medya, which lasted for years against the Assyrian Empire and achieved victory. He saw this as a spirit and said, 'The spirit of Medya must be renewed, the Newroz fire must be rekindled. This is a day of resistance, a day of unity, a day to raise resistance'. He took the first step on Newroz day to develop Newroz in this way. And Newroz started to be celebrated differently day by day. Comrade Mazlum Doğan celebrated Newroz with his life as a Contemporary Kawa in the prison of Amed (Diyarbakır) and raised the fire of resistance. Again, Kurdish girls were experiencing the Newroz fire wholeheartedly. They turned their bodies into fire and celebrated Newroz. Zekiye Alkan, Rahşan Demirel, later Ronahî and Bêrîvan in Germany in the 94s did it this way. In the uprisings in Cizîra Botan and Nusaybin and in all Kurdistan cities, Newroz was celebrated with martyrdoms and resistance. This is how Newroz gained its meaning. It became a day of struggle and resistance with the participation of millions of people. Otherwise, it was already forgotten, most of them did not even know about it. But this changed as a result of Rêber Apo's efforts, his emphasis on it and the resistance raised on Newroz days. Again, many breakthroughs took place during Newroz. For example, the establishment of the ERNK (urdistan National Liberation Front) and the KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) was announced on Newroz. Again, as a result of organizing Newroz as the beginning of the new year, as new beginnings, our people became the people of Newroz. Newroz has such a role and mission in our history.

Newroz to raise the march for the freedom of Rêber Apo and Kurdistan

Especially this year's Newroz, the Newroz of 2024 is more meaningful. This year, declarations were issued by the institutions of our people and the supporters of democracy in Turkey. The 2024 Newroz was declared as an escalation of the struggle for the freedom of Rêber Apo. The campaign for Freedom for Rêber Apo and a Political Solution to the Kurdish Question will grow even more with the Newroz fire. Newroz is celebrated everywhere for the freedom of Rêber Apo. This is very important and very meaningful. Our people should participate more enthusiastically and massively in this Newroz. It should even be realized with the participation of millions of people in Kurdistan and abroad. Everyone should call for the freedom of Rêber Apo and Kurdistan. Everyone must hear it. Let Newroz in Kurdistan be based on raising freedom, raising the freedom of Rêber Apo. The campaign launched on October 10 has already resonated internationally. Many people, many politicians, trade unions, civil organizations, academics, scientists have made statements about Rêber Apo's freedom, they have embraced it and are fighting for it. Let everyone hear both the struggle being waged around the world today and the cry of our people that will grow on Newroz. Especially the unscrupulous, immoral, conspiratorial forces that darken the future of the peoples for their own interests. Let them hear what this people want, what they are calling for. Therefore, participation in this Newroz is very important. I call on all our people, all our patriots, supporters of democracy and friends of the Kurdish people to participate massively in the Newroz. Because this Newroz is the Newroz of freedom, the Newroz of raising the freedom march of Rêber Apo and Kurdistan. In this context, it is very meaningful.

We will give good news to our people in the coming days

Newroz is also a day of unity, struggle and resistance. On this occasion, I call on all forces in Kurdistan; parties, organizations, patriotic personalities to act for national unity. Today, more than ever, our people need national unity like water, like air. In this historic period, the Kurdish people must also have a common strategy and realize their national unity. Even if some do not participate, those who do so should come and establish their unity. This is very important. This Newroz could be the beginning of this.

As the leadership of our movement, we will give good news to our people this Newroz, in the next few days. We will announce our good news in a written statement. This good news will be a tool that will play an important role in raising our struggle. We will announce this good news in the coming days. In this context, I once again wholeheartedly congratulate the Newroz of all our people and the peoples of the region and I say ‘Bijî Newroz’ (Long Live Newroz).

Is it not a sin to vote for these murderers and oppressors?

We have entered an important year, an important spring. As the Kurdish people, we are going through a very important stage. At such a stage, local elections also play an important role.

As it is known, the AKP-MHP and Ergenekon regime has been carrying out reckless attacks against our people and our movement in every way for 9 years. Every day, their officials boast of killing young Kurdish men and women. Today, they say, we killed so many people. Where are they attacking? They are attacking Rojava, they are attacking Bakur, Bashûr. All of our people see it; they are attacking the sources of life in Rojava. They attack hospitals, water and electricity stations, bread factories, flour factories. They are attacking every aspect of life. Today, millions of our people in Rojava are without electricity. They burn stoves with diesel oil. There is misery. Who is doing this oppression? It is this regime, the AKP. The AKP is like a demon for the Kurdish people today, it is a tyrant. If our people have built a life in Hesekê, they attack even there. Even though Shengal is so far away from Turkey's border, the moment our Yazidi people talk about freedom, it attacks there, too. So, it is a tyrant. Elections will take place at such a moment. Our patriotic, religious and conscientious people should not vote for these oppressors. They are against the Kurdish people. They talk about terror; but they are practicing terror. Every day they carry out assassinations, every day they commit murder, they target civilians, people in schools, everyone. Why? Because they are Kurdish. Why? Because they want their rights. There is such a situation. Despite this, what would happen if a Kurd with religion and faith went to the polls and voted for them?

We are in the holy month of Ramadan. If someone votes for these murderers, these oppressors this month, isn't that a sin? It is a sin. And some people use religion. They are a murderer. They killed so many people, but they also use religion. They want to use this holy religion for their own interests, to put it at their service. Our people should not give way to them anymore. In the past, maybe some people were ignorant, they couldn't recognize what they were and followed them, but now there is so much internet, media, digital media. Today, everyone is now conscious. Therefore, this kind of unconsciousness should not happen anymore. Thieves should not be voted for. They are thieves. No one should vote for thieves, murderers and oppressors. I call on patriotic, conscientious and religious people to think and vote accordingly. A person's vote is his/her will; no one should sell their will. Nobody should go to the polls and vote for them for the sake of some tribes, family elders and relatives. This is not the way. People should vote for their people, for their nation, for justice. They should vote not for those who will make themselves, their families and relatives rich, but for those who will actually serve them. If someone is already rich and is a thief, you vote for him so that he can steal more. And those who lean on oppressors... No one should do this anymore.

Trustees are the same as the isolation on Rêber Apo

For example, the trustees. They are appointing trustees to municipalities in Kurdistan. What is a trustee? It is a violation of the will of the Kurdish people. It is not recognizing the Kurds. Just as the isolation and psychological torture of Rêber Apo is not only directed against a person, but against a people, the Kurdish people, so are the trustees. For example, has Selçuk Mızraklı committed a crime? No. Why is he in prison now? Because he represents Amed. Or have Selahattin Demirtaş, Figen Yüksekdağ committed a crime? No. They are in prison for defending some rights, for defending the rights of the Kurdish people, for defending democracy. From now on, our people, the supporters of democracy, all those in favor of justice and freedom must take this into consideration. No one should take a casual approach. On the one hand, there is a racist, fascist, oppressive mentality, and on the other hand, there are those who struggle against it, those who resist, those who want freedom and democracy, those who want a life based on fair sharing, those who want justice. Is there anything better than this? One should take this as a basis. I believe that our people and all supporters of democracy will take these facts into consideration, participate in the elections on this basis, go to the polls and vote accordingly on the right basis. Our people say that they will vote for themselves. This is the right thing to do. Do vote for yourselves, vote for your children, vote for those elected by the people. 

No one needs to tell a patriot to work for the elections

There are still two weeks to go. Most importantly, all employees should not rely only on rallies and visits of the co-mayor candidates alone. Go from house to house, from village to village, from door to door, ask for votes from everyone, invite them to conscience, talk, establish dialogue. In short, a good work must be carried out. This is necessary. Secondly, everyone who calls themselves a patriot and a democrat should see themselves as in charge. There is no need for anyone to tell them to go around and work for the elections. They should work themselves. Or everyone should focus on their own homes, relatives, friends, fellows and family. Every patriot must make himself responsible for everyone to act in the right way, to use their vote on the right basis, and act in this way.

We are going through such a process. The Turkish state wants to carry out attacks again this spring, like the saying ‘the beaten wrestler is never satisfied with wrestling’. On this basis, a historic resistance will develop. Those who do not want bloodshed and massacres should not vote for those people. They should strengthen patriotic and revolutionary votes. Therefore, everyone should go to the polls and cast their vote. I believe that our people will act consciously and will give the necessary answer to this racist, fascist, murderous mentality that persecutes our people in every way in the election. On this basis, I salute all our patriotic people, and I hope they will get a good result."