KCK: It is everyone's duty to defend the Rojava Revolution against occupation

KCK Executive Council Co-Presidency stated that the Rojava Revolution is the common revolution of all peoples, women, the oppressed and humanity, and it is a duty for everyone to defend the Rojava Revolution against occupation.

The Executive Council Co-Presidency of the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) released a written statement to mark the 10th anniversary of the 19 July Rojava Revolution, stating the following:

“We celebrate the 10th anniversary of the 19 July Rojava Revolution, the greatest and most meaningful revolution of the 21st century, on behalf of all Rojava and North and East Syrian peoples, women, youth and all peoples of the world. Expressing our gratitude, we respectfully commemorate all martyrs of the revolution and democracy in the persons of those who fell fighting to realize and protect the Rojava Revolution.


The 19 July Rojava Revolution is the great revolution of the peoples and women who achieved victory in the 21st century, the freedom struggle of peoples against power holders throughout history. As in all the revolutions made by the oppressed in history, the 19 July Rojava Revolution was achieved through fighting against oppression, exploitation, inequality and injustice and paying heavy prices. In this respect, the 19 July Revolution represents the great heritage of humanity. A continuation of the revolutions of the oppressed against power holders, the 19 July Rojava Revolution has created unique features and made very important and historical contributions ​​to the world revolutions of the peoples.

One of the most distinctive features of the 19 July Revolution is the construction of a democratic and free society that does not aspire to power and the state but rather relies on the common and free will of peoples and society instead of power and state sovereignty. This feature of the 19 July Revolution has helped to reach the utopia of an equal and free life through a complete abolishment of the system of exploitation. This success of the 19 July Revolution is a very important and historic development. Since the revolutions made by oppressed peoples throughout history aimed at the power and the state, they could not reach their true goals, and the hegemonic systems eventually prevailed again. This is because of the fact that resorting to the state and power apparatuses, which are the tools of the hegemonic system, has driven revolutions apart from their goals. Thus, despite the revolutions achieved in history with heavy prices, the system of exploitation could not be abolished. This stalemate in the history of the world revolutions was resolved by the 19 July Revolution without resorting to power and state apparatuses. This situation represents a very important development in the history of world revolutions. Undoubtedly, this idea was introduced by Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan. He delivered a solution to the matter of revolution with his moral/political societal understanding and the Democratic Confederalism system, and the 19 July Revolution was based on these values. So, the July 19 Revolution was realized based on the idea and paradigm put forward by Öcalan.


One of the most important features of the 19 July Revolution is that it is based on the Democratic Nation concept. Founded on the equal and common life of peoples, the Democratic Nation system has made it possible for peoples, cultures and faith communities to live without conflict and to rule themselves, which has now become the most important problem of the Middle East. Nationalism and the nation-state system imposed on the Middle East, where peoples have lived together throughout history, led to the escalation of the issues and the massacres in the Middle East because of the civils wars among them. Nationalism and the nation-state system have undermined the understanding of co-existence and common life which is the most distinctive feature of the Middle East history. After all, the nation-state system is a tool developed by capitalist modernity and created inequality and exploitation. The 19 July Revolution, founded on the Democratic Nation system, presented a solution to this deep-rooted problem in the Middle East and enabled peoples to live together based on equality.


Undoubtedly, the most distinctive feature of the 19 July Revolution is that it is based on women and women's freedom. The July 19 Revolution is a women's revolution par excellence. The realization of a revolution based on women's freedom by overcoming male domination, which maintained exploitation and inequality in history, is the first of its kind in history. Undoubtedly, women played a role in every revolution. However, the 19 July Revolution is led by women and women's will. It is a very important and historic development that the revolution is based on the leadership and will of women. Grounded on the Democratic Nation and Democratic Confederalism system, the 19 July Revolution delivered solutions to the deadlocks historically faced by revolutions and paved the way to eliminate social problems once and for all by relying on women's leadership and freedom.


The 19 July Revolution is currently facing serious dangers and it is now very important to protect the revolution by eliminating these dangers. Defending the Rojava Revolution in the face of the invasion threats by the genocidal colonial Turkish state is the most fundamental and urgent problem. The most basic duty and responsibility of being a revolutionary and patriot is to protect the revolution against invasion attacks. The AKP-MHP fascism, which represents the anti-Kurdish mentality of the genocidal colonialist Turkish state, wants to destroy everything related to the Kurdish identity and seeks to eliminate the Rojava Revolution. It has already occupied some parts of Rojava and Syria, and with the inhumane practices it implements in these occupied areas, it commits the crime of genocide by changing the demographic structure. The Turkish state and AKP-MHP government are anti-Kurdish and ultimately want to wipe out Kurdish existence by carrying out a genocide. The occupation of Rojava and the elimination of the North and East Syria’s Democratic System are also considered as one of the most important stages of their plans.

Having tried and failed to eliminate the revolution by standing behind the curtain and setting loose Islamist groups, specifically ISIS, the AKP-MHP fascism now wants to dissolve the revolution by leading the mercenary groups on the ground. For this very reason, the real ISIS is the AKP-MHP, and thus everyone, especially the North and East Syrian forces and peoples, should take a stand against the occupation of AKP-MHP fascism. Being Kurdish, patriotic, revolutionary and democratic means to take a clear stance against the AKP-MHP occupation. Those who do not defy the AKP-MHP fascism will be defied by history and society. The Rojava revolutionary forces fought and stopped ISIS, the enemy of humanity, at the cost of thousands of martyrs.

By defeating ISIS, the Rojava revolutionary forces protected not only Rojava and Syria, but the whole world from a major danger, because ISIS is a threat not only to Rojava, but to all humanity. However, the United States, NATO and European states which have tried to take credit for themselves in the fight against ISIS are now engaged in great hypocrisy by openly endorsing the anti-Kurdish genocidal policies of the AKP-MHP that promotes ISIS mentality and supports the group. The claim that the Turkish state is supported for its security concerns is a complete distortion. The USA, NATO and European states already know that so-called ‘security concerns’ is a distortion and that not the security of the Turkish state, but the AKP-MHP government itself is a threat and security problem for Rojava, Syria and the entire region. However, they support the anti-Kurdish genocidal policies of the AKP-MHP fascism for the sake of economic and political interests, thus becoming partners in the anti-Kurdish genocidal policies of the AKP-MHP fascism and the crimes committed by the AKP-MHP. These states are contributing to these crimes on behalf of the countries and peoples they represent. The peoples and democratic public opinion of these countries should take a stand against this and confront the Western support to the anti-Kurdish genocidal policies and Rojava's invasion plan.

Just as the forces and peoples of North and East Syria defeated ISIS and saved humanity from a huge trouble by challenging ISIS fascism, they will defeat the AKP-MHP by challenging the occupation of the AKP-MHP fascism which promotes ISIS mentality and will save the world from a bigger and more dangerous trouble than ISIS. Our people and the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla are already carrying out a struggle and resistance everywhere against the anti-Kurdish genocidal attacks of the AKP-MHP fascism. The Kurdish Freedom Movement calls on all the peoples of the world, as well as all revolutionary and democratic groups to stand by the peoples of Rojava, North and East Syria and defend the Rojava Revolution, as they did in the past. The Rojava Revolution is the common revolution of all peoples, women, the oppressed and humanity. It is a duty for everyone to defend the Rojava Revolution against occupation. The AKP-MHP fascism will be defeated and the 19 July Revolution, the joint revolution of the peoples and women, will maintain its existence thanks to the joint struggle of the forces and peoples of North and East Syria and the support of the peoples of the world and women. We once again celebrate the 10th anniversary of the 19 July Revolution on behalf of all peoples of Syria and the Middle East, and especially the peoples of North and East Syria, women and the peoples of the world.”