KDP’s shameful sycophancy in the name of Kurdishness

The MIT has been working to harm all four parts of Kurdistan and to degenerate Kurds and the fight for Kurdistan from the inside.

After Turkish intelligence agency MIT’s Federal Kurdistan officer was killed, the KDP has taken every chance to curry favor with the Turkish state and the AKP-MHP fascist government, offering up institutions and media they control.

Using the media organs at their disposal, KDP started to put out blatant propaganda formats as programming.

The Kurdish Freedom Movement captured two MIT administrators in Dukan, Sulaymaniyah two years ago. Their confessions were published a while later, detailing their activity in South Kurdistan and the extent of their degeneration policies. Of course the published stories were not the full extent of their activity.

There were parts of the confessions that were not publicized, the Kurdish Freedom Movement relayed these parts to parties in South Kurdistan when it concerned them. The Kurdish Freedom Movement also carried out operations based on the information from the MIT administrators’ confessions. The Kurme Dare (Tree Worm) files recently broadcast on Sterk TV are about these.

In Kurme Dare, MIT operatives and their spies explain how they work to stop the Kurds’ fight for freedom in South Kurdistan and in other parts, and to eliminate the activists. The confessions show one by one how people are taken down and how the operatives know no moral bounds.


The MIT has been working to harm all four parts of Kurdistan and to degenerate Kurds and the fight for Kurdistan from the inside. As the Kurdish Freedom Movement started to expose their activity, MIT officer for Federal Kurdistan Osman Kose was killed.

KDP started to use this action by patriotic Kurdish youth to try to curry favor of the Turkish state. They have legitimized their Turkish co-conspiracy acts, tried to break the will of clans who don’t bow down to them, and capture Kurdish youth, brand them criminal and sacrifice them to their Turkish overlords. The KDP targeted all people from Bakur (North Kurdistan) who live in Bashur (South Kurdistan), some were detained, others are missing.


KDP has started to use the media organs at their disposal to put out blatant propaganda similar to pre-1980 programming on Turkish television.

They detain Kurdish youth and expose them, claiming that they have made confessions. They expose and target militants from the Kurdish Freedom Movement. They try to connect every guerrilla they know of to the killing of MIT officer Osman Kose.

This can be seen clearly that the KDP has reached new levels of sycophancy never before seen as they work as Kurdistan chapters of the Turkish state with the publications and institutions they control. The summary of how this reflects on the people of Bashur is, “a shame in the name of Kurdishness”.