“KDP should avoid a Kurdish civil war which will serve Turkey and the enemies of Kurds”

Former peshmerga commander Awat Qehremani and politician Yasin Eli stated that the PKK has the right to conduct activities in South Kurdistan and called on the KDP to avoid a conflict among the Kurds.

Awat Qehremani, one of the commanders of the Peshmergeye Derin, and politician Yasin Eli said that the Turkish state targets the peshmerga and called on to everyone to rise up against the Turkish state.

Speaking to ANF about the latest developments in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) where the Turkish army is carrying out an occupation campaign, Qehremani and Eli said that the KDP should avoid a civil war between Kurds.

Referring to the explosion in Metina which resulted in casualties among peshmerga fighters, Awat Qehremani said, “You can't blame anyone without carrying out an investigation. The PKK's explanation is very appropriate, according to which an impartial committee should investigate this incident to reveal who is responsible. The KDP also knows very well that that vehicle was hit from the air since the way it was struck proves this.”

“I know well that a war that could erupt would be very bad and against the Kurds,” he added.

“The Turkish state certainly has a hand in this tension between the Kurds. Since the Turkish state cannot defeat the PKK, it wants to instigate a civil war between the Kurds. The KDP should avoid a Kurdish civil war because the Kurdish people do not support such a conflict which is very dangerous, especially for South Kurdistan (Bashur). All Kurdish parties, intellectuals and patriotic people must stand against it,” Qehremani underlined.



“The situation in Bashur is not good in any aspect. In addition, attempts are being made to start such a conflict among the Kurds. The PKK is Kurdish as much as we are. The PKK has the right to conduct activities in South Kurdistan. The KDP spent half of its time in Rojhilat (Iranian Kurdistan) since the year it was founded. Now they say, 'PKK should leave South Kurdistan and conduct its activities in North Kurdistan, this is not their place, the Turkish state is occupying this place because of the PKK.' This is an absolutely wrong point of view. Turkey has only one aim which is to occupy every place as far as Mosul. The Turkish state says, 'We will intervene if Kurds gain a status in Africa even.' If you do not understand the purpose of the Turkish state, it means you know nothing. Because the Turkish state is the enemy of the Kurds, this is obvious. It considers the Kurds as its own enemy.”

Qehremani continued, A Kurdish civil war would harm South Kurdistan and especially the KDP. I remember very well that we were fighting in the mountains at that time, when the PKK and KDP made an agreement. It was agreed that the PKK would settle in many parts of South Kurdistan, including Qandil. That's why I don't understand when the KDP says that the PKK should leave, in spite of this agreement. Certainly, it is Turkey that makes the KDP utter this. I can't understand why the KDP does all that the Turkish state says. This is a very wrong policy. Such a policy does not serve the KDP or the Kurds, but only the Turkish state. The KDP should definitely avoid a Kurdish civil war. Such a war will not benefit the KDP or the Kurds, but only the Turkish state.


“As I just said, all patriotic Kurdish people, activists, writers and politicians should stand against such a war and take a stance. No one should be neutral; everyone should express their reaction.

Throughout history, Kurds have always fought each other, and we have seen how much they have suffered from internal conflicts. A Kurdish civil war has always been in the interests of Kurdish enemies. That's why all Kurdish parties and political factions should stand against this war and warn the KDP.

The PUK (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan) has a great power and influence on the ground. The South Kurdistan parties including Gorran, Yekgurti, Islamist parties etc., especially the PUK should warn the KDP about this.”


Politician Yasin Eli made the following evaluation on the genocidal policies of the Turkish state in Kurdistan and other territories:

“What is happening in the region right now is clearly the policy of the Turkish state. The PKK is not the reason why the Turkish state has occupied South Kurdistan. They are building military outposts and installing radar systems in the places they have occupied. The bases they have established provide all kinds of intelligence. Maybe they are establishing these bases against the PKK, but it should be known that to occupy that place is to occupy South Kurdistan. We have seen recently that the Turkish state is committing all kinds of massacres, but the world remains silent about it. It has been carrying out massacres in Libya, Azerbaijan, Rojava and especially in South Kurdistan for years.


The peshmerga is a force created to protect the Kurdish people, but now the KDP is trying to make them fight the guerrilla at the request of the Turkish state. For years, the Turkish state has occupied South Kurdistan and has been transferring its economic resources, primarily oil, to its own state through the help of some people. The aim of the Turkish state is clear, we all see it. Its aim is to annex South Kurdistan to its territory two years later, in 2023, when the Treaty of Lausanne ends. That's why the Kurdish people in four parts of Kurdistan should stand against these attacks.

In this latest incident, everyone knows that the Turkish state massacred those peshmergas. This will be revealed soon. These are all provocations of the Turkish state. It is trying to strengthen itself by making Kurdish forces fight each other through such provocations.

We are going through a very important process right now, all the Kurdish people, political parties, writers and other circles should oppose a war among the Kurds. There are certain groups which cannot even raise a voice against the invasion of the Turkish state. This is really shameful. That's why I call out to all political parties and other groups from here; mobilize against the invasion of the Turkish state and adopt a stance against it. The Kurdish people have gained so much in South Kurdistan, these should not be left unprotected.

The Turkish state's economy has been in crisis, and now Turkey is trying to save itself from this situation by attempting to start a war among the Kurds. It also tries to exploit the resources here. It is wrong to expect world states to react against this invasion because they will not. Therefore, all political parties and other popular circles should stand against this occupation and manifest their attitudes. The current situation is more dangerous than Anfal. Because all Kurdish people are faced with a massacre. It is time for all parties to take a stand and react.



This is not a normal process. Everyone should take to streets and react. Nobody should think that this is a war between the Turkish state and the PKK. The Turkish state has been killing the Kurdish people for years. This war is a war between the Kurds and the Turkish state. The PKK has weakened the Turkish state, we must support this process and drive the Turkish state out of Kurdistan. If we remain silent, we will be serving the interests of the Turkish state.

While everything is clearly evident in the case of the death of 5 peshmergas, the European states want to put the blame on the PKK. Because of our silence against the occupation, these states and circles want to put the blame for this massacre on the PKK. Since we remain silent, the Turkish state is slaughtering the Kurdish people and invading Kurdistan with the open support of NATO. It's time for everyone to stand up against this occupation.”