Mehmed Shirin: Resistance will go on until Turkey's withdrawal

Mehmed Shirin, a member of the Euphrates Autonomous Administration, said that the Turkish state was trying to deepen the Syrian crisis by attacking the safe zones created in North East Syria.

Mehmed Shirin, member of the Euphrates Autonomous Administration, said: "Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, the Turkish state has been constantly striving to deepen the crisis. This is why it invaded some parts of Syria. The Turkish state supported radical mercenary groups from Idlib to the border with Iraq, causing the deepening of the Syrian crisis, the invasion and plundering of the Syrian territories."

Noting that North East Syria is the safest region despite the crisis in Syria, Shirin added: "Here Kurdish, Arab, Syriac and Turkmen peoples have been living together in peace. Together, these peoples formed their own democratic systems. They set up their own security forces and this area had no security problems. Of course, the democratic system established here could not be tolerated by the AKP regime. Therefore, today, Turkey wants to occupy these areas."

Turkey has gathered different mercenary groups to this purpose, said Shirin, adding: "The Turkish state is committing all kinds of crimes in these attacks. It causes chaos in the region once again. It causes hundreds of thousands of people to migrate. The crimes of humanity committed by the mercenaries linked to the Turkish state are under the eyes of the world."

Shirin said that a common attitude should be taken to ensure Turkey will be held accountable for all these crimes against humanity it carried out.

"The sefety zone agreement between the Turkish state and the US was accepted by the Autonomous Administration and the SDF. "It turned out that the aim of the Turkish state was not its own border security. The sole aim of the Turkish state is to occupy this region, to destroy the democratic system established in this region and to deepen the Syrian crisis. Because, the Syrian crisis had come to the resolution stage thanks to the search for a definite political solution. However, not satisfied with a political solution, the Turkish state tries to further deepen the chaos in Turkey and Syria.

Shirin continued: "Turkey thought that it would occupy this 32-kilometer region within 48 hours. However, as everyone has seen, the war has left its 11th day behind and still continues on the border of the Turkish state. We, the people and the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria, were never in favor of this war. We are just protecting this area. The Turkish state is attacking us and trying to invade our lands."

As to the ceasefire agreement brokered by the US, Shirin said: "Until the Turkish state withdraw its forces and mercenaries from our lands altogether, we will continue our struggle militarily, politically and socially."

Shirin added that "The Turkish state called a ceasefire as it was not coping with the resistance of our people and SDF fighters. Everybody saw it, our people have been bombed with all kinds of weapons, with a big barbarism. Turkey used weapons banned by international war law against civilians. The Turkish state has ignored international laws of war alltogether. The Turkish state and its mercenaries have already begun to plunder the property of the people where they entered."

Shirin ended his remarks by underlining that "all our people and all Syrian peoples should continue their resistance until the Turkish state and mercenaeries withdraw from the region.

The international public opinion, institutions and all the peoples of the world should take a position to bring Turkey to account for crimes against humanity."