MIT starts population trickery for “buffer zone” in camps

Turkish Immigration Bureau and the MIT have launched a joint effort to move the registered addresses of Syrians in camps in Turkey to cities included in the plan for the buffer zone.

Turkey is trying to get involved in Northern and Eastern Syria through a safe zone following the US decision to withdraw from Syria, and has enacted a new trick over the Syrian refugees.

Turkey has been using the Syrians who sought refuge in Turkey as leverage against Europe, saying that they could “open the gates” any time, and they are now preparing to use the refugees in their plan for a safe zone.


Reports say the Turkish Interior Ministry Immigration Bureau Directorate and the Turkish intelligence services have launched a joint effort to settle in Northern Syria the large groups of people who have migrated to Turkey from various areas in Syria.

The efforts launched by the Immigration Bureau Directorate are to list the registered addresses of refugees from various parts of Syria as specifically Northern Syrian cities. The efforts are read as an attempt to get involved with a safe zone through the refugees.

Most of the Syrian refugees in Turkey have had their original address in Syria changed to cities included in the plans for the safe zone on the Temporary Protection Status ID Papers in the joint effort by the Immigration Bureau Directorate and the MIT.


According to information provided by a worker in the Temproary Shelter Center (refugee camp) built by the Turkish state in Urfa, the information on the records for the refugees in the camps are being modified to show their former Syrian addresses as cities in Northern Syria.

The worker, who will be kept anonymous for security, said the efforts are carried out in secret and that they are done to gain international legitimacy over the refugees in a possible buffer zone situation in Syria.

Many Syrians living in or registered in the camps have had their former addresses meddled with to show they were from towns in the Heseke, Raqqa and Aleppo provinces. With this shift in demographics, the Turkish state is going to attempt to create the illusion that these persons were from these regions and were forcibly removed from their homes.


In Syria, the towns in the Cizire region of Northern Syria are under Heseke, towns in Gire Spi are under Raqqa and the cities of Kobane and Manbij are under the Aleppo province.

The safe zone is planned as 32 km deep, which fully encompasses the Rojava territory. All cities to the north of the road that is to be used as the border are Kurdish majority populations.


The demography trick the Turkish state is laying the groundwork for focuses on the residential areas in the 32 km range.

Reports say many of the refugees were registered in Malikiye (Derik), Dirbesiye, Amude, Resulayn (Serekaniye), Siluk, Til Hemis, Til Temir, Tel Abyad (Gire Spi), Eynul Arab (Kobane) and Shuyuf (Shexler) and villages in these towns.

These areas are in the region considered for the safe zone, and Turkey is preparing for a demographic change through such trickery.

Turkish officials making calculations over the refugees state at every chance they get about hosting 3 million refugees and use this as leverage against the West.


On January 15, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he considers US President Donald Trump’s comments on a safe zone to be positive and added: “We will get involved through the (public housing authority) TOKI, but if the Coalition forces give us the financial support, we will take care of the safe zone with the condition of protecting the safety of these people. This would prevent all migration,” in a show of his intentions.