Muslim: We’ll defeat this disease as we have defeated ISIS

The world powers have produced weapons and waged wars, but they have neglected the health of the people, said PYD politician Salih Muslim who sent his condolences to the people of Europe for the deaths caused by Coronavirus pandemic.

Kurdish politician Salih Muslim, the head of the PYD (Democratic Union Party) Diplomacy Office, has spoken to ANF about the Corona pandemic.

Speaking from Rojava, North-East of Syria, Muslim addressed the people in Europe and all over the world, saying; “We are sharing your pain and suffering from this pandemic. We are with you in the same trench against this disease which has spread all over the world.”

Muslim continued; “We were in the same trench against terrorism and ISIS disease and we succeeded to finish it, but this time we are not able to help you because we have very limited resources,” Muslim said.

Muslim expressed their solidarity and offered their condolences to the people who have loved their beloved ones because of the Coronavirus pandemic.