People of Shengal reject agreement between KDP and Baghdad

Reactions to the dirty agreement between the central Iraqi government and the South Kurdistan Region Administration on Shengal continue to come through.

Many people insist that the agreement on Shengal made between the central Iraqi government and the South Kurdistan Region Administration came about as an answer to Turkey’s requests. The agreement on Shengal, according to many, is nothing but a green light to target Shengal.

Neam Bedel, from Shengal, said that the whole world has gone quiet about the atrocities lived by the Yazidis and emphasized that the agreement signed between the KDP and the Iraqi central government is not for the people. Bedel added that the people of Shengal are against this agreement and said that they will never recognize it. Underlining that every piece of Shengal land was liberated with the blood of the martyrs, Bedel said that Ezidîxan was saved by the Kurdish youth.

Bedel continued: "Those who decided to make an agreement on Shengal actually left us in the hands of the enemy and fled. They betrayed us. The Iraqi government has never been concerned about our situation until today. It has not asked those who return to their land what they needed. Nobody can make a decision on Shengal as it was done before. We will never forget the HPG guerrillas who gave their life to liberate the Shengal lands."

Jinda Shengal said that this agreement was taken against the will of the yazidi people. Drawing attention to the fact that this agreement means a new massacre for the Yazidi people, Jinda Shengal reminded that thousands of Yazidi women are still missing and added that those who fled after the ISIS attack in 2014 made such a decision instead of self-criticize and apologize.

Jinda Shengal added: "Those who left us in the hands of the enemy on 3 August 2014 and escaped now want to invade Shengal. We will organize to counter this situation; we will strengthen our institutions. Hundreds of fighters, from Mam Zeki Shengali, to Heval Zerdeşt and Heval Egid fell martyrs defending the lands of Shengal. Our martyrs both educated the people and established our defense force. They established the YBŞ-YJŞ, they managed our institutions. We owe to them to continue on their path. We will protect the legacy of resistance they left us."

They will no longer be able to fool the people of Shengal

Xwedêda Elyas said; "They want to make the people of Shengal live the massacre of 2014 once again. We will not accept such a thing. The Yazidi people are now a free people, determined and with their own defense force. They will never allow other parties to use them. For 6 years, the Iraqi government and the Barzani family have done nothing for the Yazidi people. If they think they will deceive the people of Shengal with these political plans, they are wrong. We have shed our blood for this land. We will not allow such a dirty plan to come to life."

Dawid Silêman said: "We will no longer accept this dirty policy against the people of Shengal. We were not organized before, we did not understand politics, but we have learned everything since 2014. Thanks to our guerrilla friends we organized and established our defense forces. If a decision is to be taken regarding Shengal, it must be taken with the people of Shengal. We do not recognize any decision taken against the will of the people."

Seydo Eli reminded that the KDP forces left the Yazidis to their fate during the 2014 ISIS attacks. "The KDP sold the Shengal people, they betrayed us."