“Peoples’ Joint Democratic Front is the way out of the crisis"

‘Peoples’ Joint Democratic Front’ is a major strategy for the transition from the current crisis, said KODAR Co-chair Fuad Beritan.

Co-chair of the Free and Democratic Society of East Kurdistan (KODAR) Fûad Berîtan wrote an article for ANF about the current situation in Iran and East Kurdistan (Rojhilat) and the isolation regime imposed on Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

We publish the article by KODAR Co-chair below.

“At a time when there is a widespread war in the Middle East in many different ways, Iran is facing more danger than any other countries, and every day in Iran, there is an increase in unemployment, poverty, difficulty of livelihood and the spread of inequalities. The accumulated demands of the broad spectrum of society, including workers, teachers, marketers, drivers, and civil institutions, are increasing day by day, with increasing pressure on human rights activists, environmentalists, political prisoners, and, on the other hand, the beginning of a massive wave of detention by security forces, indicates the beginning of a new phase of intimidation and suppression.

The intensification of dissent, protests and demands of the people of Iran and East Kurdistan will be a sign of the beginning of another stage of the ongoing struggle and protests. But at this moment of time, the community and the protest spectrum of the state of affairs need more than anything else to create a democratic front that is capable of directing protests and gaining the rights of the people. It is imperative that the democratic forces and the parties form the Peoples’ Joint Democratic Front, and enter a new period of street protests, which is the only path to the realization of justice and freedom.

The present system of Iran, with its passive political and security nature, both internally and externally, and in line with the policy of conservative states of the region, especially Turkey, and the establishment of extramarital relations against the oppressed nations, is seeking to wreak havoc, therefore has opened the door of the world's leading interventionist powers to the region. Turkey seeks to weaken Iran through exploitative and pragmatic policies, and by involving Iran, is trying to drag its existing system into a battlefield. With the knowledge of the irrefutable dangers of this issue and at the cost of destroying the Kurdish liberation movement, the Iranian regime has committed political suicide and continues to engage in relations with Turkish fascism, which points to a weakness in its policy and security. The Kurdish freedom movement today is at the strongest state of its history with unity between the people and guerrilla, and therefore such conspiracy should already be considered neutralized. If this strong and vibrant struggle, aligned in a raging wave with the people's movement of Iran and street protests, rescuing the oppressed peoples will be inevitable. Therefore, the only guarantee of the liberation of the peoples of Iran, Kurdistan and the Middle East is joining a ‘united front’.

These days in the streets of Iran, a new struggle is emerging by women, youth, workers, teachers and the oppressed. A policy line that, if Iran does not pay attention to, it will not have the opportunity to compensate in the future. Because the solution to the Kurdish Question and other peoples of Iran is the only democratic rescue that remains for Iran to push itself out of its self-proclaimed dark well. Struggles that are energetic, interconnected and indestructible within the people of Iran. The Islamic Republic of Iran should be aware of the fact that no system will be liberated by the execution, imprisonment and threats of political activists, workers and protesters.

The Iranian regime now has a choice of ‘war or democratic transformation’, since it has built a gap of forty years between itself and the people. The people have chosen democracy and foreign powers want war and turmoil, so there is no way back. Any agreement between different parties and organizations of Iran and Kurdistan, both domestic and foreign, are aimed at provoking an anti-democratic military favor to the Third World War and its parties. Some have set aside a democratic solution and the option of a true project to serve the popular front, instead they have chosen the path to the war at the expense of the popular uprising on the streets across Iran and Kurdistan, and make the legitimate defense policy a victim of the war of power. All of this means serving the survival of the internal reactionary system and foreign imperialism. The people’s resistance line is neither like internal warfare, nor the World War line. The lack of understanding of this issue by both the Iranian regime and part of the opposition means the conversion of all the democratic opportunities provided by the struggle to threat and war; in the current impasse, there is no other way than going to the streets to cope with the existing policies.

Formerly, as the Free and Democratic Society of East Kurdistan (KODAR), we presented the roadmap of a democratic and practical project for the democratization of Iran, which called for the transformation of Iran and the liberation of its peoples on the basis of a democratic approach. The core of our project was a solution based on the organization and freedom of the peoples. KODAR neither agrees with Iran and the current status of its system, nor does it pursue foreign powers. Therefore, we consider the establishment of the ‘Peoples’ Joint Democratic Front’ as the most ethical and political approach, calling for the realization of a system of federalism and Democratic Nation based on local democracy.

KODAR’s joining in the wave of resistance of the peoples of Iran and the region, the presentation of a democratic solution project and the strengthening of the military force of legitimate defense is the only political ethical approach. In Iran's history, revolutionary births are always popular, and KODAR focuses on this fact as a leading force. The measure of the true power of any movement is to have a democratic project and the art of self-defense. All the KODAR’s warnings are for informing them to escape from a global conspiracy, and now it's time for everyone to work and defend the ‘right to protest.’

Another important issue is about leader Apo [Abdullah Ocalan], now, the Kurdish people have reached a level that they will not accept his isolation to continue. The isolation imposed on leader Apo should be lifted and the Imrali prison should be closed, the beginning of the political campaign "It is enough" is on the same context. Every patriotic individual, any liberated human being who pays tribute to himself and who seeks human life and thinks freely must remember the saying "live up to Apo’s thoughts and promote them", first must review their stance personally, socially, culturally and politically, and be aware of his or her manner and act as necessary. Along with this, we must discuss this issue everywhere, by raising the dire situation of Leader, and striving to put others in this way. That way, we can truly think of leader Apo; an attitude that is only emotional will not have any benefits. Apo’s philosophy is philosophy of actions. If we have learned only a few words on freedom of our people and humanity, and act upon it, it is more useful than knowing thousands of words and not doing so. With this philosophy, Apoism revived Kurdistan and brought Kurdish personality to the borders of humanity and freedom, and today, with the Rojava Revolution, the root of which are Apoist philosophy, has been able to save society from the alienation of enemies. If each of us really uses a few words that we have learned from Apo, then we will be able to play an important role in the way of our beliefs and freedom to liberate our land and other peoples of the region towards humanity. Hence, every conscientious person must be persuaded to be aware that Abdullah Ocalan and other political prisoners are at risk, must protest in the framework of the slogan ‘Enough is enough.’

Finally, realizing that ‘red alarm siren’ has sounded up in Iran, that Iran can no longer continue its anti-human policies as it was in the past, and knowing that this level and how people participate in the future. Everyone in Iran should use all available capacities to achieve this goal. If all components of society, including intellectuals and the academic community, women, youth and civil society are not in harmony with the demands of workers, students and street protests, the prospect of success in these uprisings will be low and these protests will be compromised.

Once again, I congratulate you on the labor protests in Iran, especially the sugar cane workers of Haft Tapeh, and the calling for the support of all the people of the community, to the workers, teachers, students and all those who, without hesitation and fear, strive to achieve the rightful rights and to reach a democratic society in Iran and Kurdistan; we invite everyone to redouble their efforts to liberate the oppressed people.”