PKK Internationalists in the Palestinian Resistance, a brochure

The Internationalist Commune of Rojava tells the story of the PKK internationalists in the Palestinian Resistance.

A new brochure was published by the Internationalist Commune of Rojava. The work tells the story of the PKK internationalists in the Palestinian Resistance.

The authors wrote in the presentation of the booklet: "On 6 June 1982, ten PKK militants fell while fighting shoulder on shoulder with the Palestinian resistance in Lebanon in the war against the Israeli invasion. They fell as internationalist martyrs."

The authors published the booklet "on the occasion of the anniversary, we publish stories of these ten Kurdish partisans in resistance and commemoration of the fallen Internationalists of the PKK. Their story Heroes of the Castle Arnun was first published in the magazine Serxwebun, in Kurdish and Turkish and in the German solidarity magazine “Kurdistan Report” in August 1984."

The authors said that "unfortunately, their story is not complete, just like the many other internationalists from all over the world who participated in the Palestinian resistance, whose stories have not yet been told. We only want to mention Ingrid Siepmann, a member of the Movement 2nd June, which fell within the ranks of a Palestinian women’s brigade in the resistance against the Israeli invasion in 1982.

Despite it being incomplete, the story of the ten PKK militants is of such value to the history of the Kurdish liberation struggle and makes clear the internationalist character of the PKK in a vivid way and whiteness, that we nevertheless publish this article with great joy and in memory of the martyrs."