Protocol for pillaging in Afrin

The Turkish state has made the gangs and “local councils” sign a protocol to sell the olive product of occupied Afrin to Spain. According to the protocol, the olive harvest to be handed over to the “councils” patented to Ankara for 22 million dollars.

80% of the people of Afrin have left their lands after the Turkish state and their allied gangs invaded, and the olive harvest, the main livelihood of the region, is being confiscated to be sold to Spain.

ANF has acquired the protocol signed by the gangs and “local councils” so the Turkish state can sell Afrin’s olives to Spain.


Sources stated that the protocol is a way to legitimize the looting of the olive harvest. Sources say the olive loot was decided in Afrin during the meeting of MİT, Free Syrian Army (FSA) Regional Headquarters Officer Heysem Al Afisi and an FSA committee in September. The FSA was dictated to hand over the olive groves they controlled to the “local councils”, and they were made to accept signing a protocol in return for a cut and future border gate revenue.


FSA was told in the meeting that Afrin’s olives will be transported to Hatay, and sold to Spain after processing. FSA was asked to keep the meeting and the sale to Spain under the wraps and promised that all revenue from the new border gate to be opened in Jindirese for the transport of the olives would be given to them in the future.


ANF has obtained the protocol that the Turkish state prepared to legitimize the looting and pillaging of olives in Afrin from which they stand to make at least 80 million dollars. According to the protocol signed by FSA gang officers and representatives of the “councils” under supervision of the MİT’s Afrin Officer, FSA will hand over all of the olive harvest to the “councils” in return for 22 million dollars. The harvest that belongs to the people of Afrin, 80% of who have been forced to leave their lands.


The protocol dictates that the revenue and tax from the olive loot legitimized through “local councils” will go to the Turkish postal service provider PTT and the public bank Ziraat Bank.


The MİT protocol text that stipulates the looting of Afrin’s olives by FSA gangs and “councils” and their transport to Turkey is as follows:



‘The purpose of this protocol is to regulate the 2018-2019 olive harvest in the Afrin, Bilbil, Jindirese, Mabatli, Shera, Rajo and Sheyhhedit regions taken from the PKK-PYD-YPG terrorists as part of the Operation Olive Branch.


This protocol is to determine the role and duties of the Free Syrian Army and the local councils, and to resolve possible issues regarding the olive harvest and olive oil production for the region for 2018-2019.


The residents of Afrin, Bilbil, Jindirese, Mabatli, Shera, Rajo and Sheyhhedit will be represented by local councils, while the groups in the region will be represented by the Regional Officer of the Free Syrian Army Headquarters Heysem al-Afisi and general officers of armed groups.


Responsibilities of Local Councils:

a- Local Councils will determine the amount of shares, the amount individuals will give and other such matters.

b- Tax collection centers will be opened and officers will be appointed. The surplus tax will be deposited to PTT Bank and Ziraat Bank.

c- Local Councils will give $ 22.000.000 to the Free Syrian Army for the security of the region.

d- The collection will be completed before February 15, 2019. The method of collection will be determined by the parties.

z- Owners who want to repair the olive factories and their workers should contact the humanitarian aid organization IYKM.

w- Revenue from all unclaimed olive groves will be set aside for general services.

2-Responsibilities of Groups Under the Free Syrian Army

a- The Free Syrian Army is to turn over all the olive groves they control to the local councils.

b- The Free Syrian Army groups will protect the farmers from PKK-PYD-YPG and other terrorists. The farmers will be given every opportunity to harvest the product.

c- Tax officers won’t be intervened with and will be helped along.

Committee for the Resolution of Problems

In case of problems in the execution of the protocol, a committee of 3 persons (Afrin Humanitarian Aid Organization’s President, the MİT Afrin Officer and FSA Headquarters President) will attempt to resolve them.

All parties must comply with decisions taken by the Afrin Local Council.

Other provisions:

1- This protocol was prepared to resolve all issues. No party can claim ownership according to the provisions of this protocol. Matters of ownership are not within the scope of this protocol.

2- Courts have authority in case of issues regarding ownership, but the final decision will be given by the committee.

3- This protocol prepared for the olive harvest of 2018-2019 can be extended for following years in case both parties see fit.


The protocol will go into effect on the date it is signed.

Doğan Süleyman (Fatih Sultan Mehmet Brigade 12th Division)

Mukadim Zuhir (121st Liva President)

Wail Fridil (122nd Liva President)

Mihemed Dawud (123rd Liva President)

Hisham Ehmed (12th Division President)

Neqib Ebdulnasıl Abu Jalal (14th Division President)

Raid Selim Sirsi (141st Division President)

Malik Casim (Suleiman Shah Division President)

Muqadim Fehed Huyid (143rd Division President)

Hesen Hac Elî Xeyriye (Sikûr al-Shîmal)

Mihemed Reslam (145th Liva President)

Rail Hisên Himadî (146th Liva President)

Haldun Cemil Midur (Faylaq al-Sham Officer)

Neqib Elî Mihemed Hisen (Jabhat Weteniye)

Mihened Helef (Jabhat Shamiya)

Ehmed Micahid Himo (Ahrar al-Sham)

İsam Boysadi (Jaysh al-Islam)

Ela Biro (Liva Selam)

Mihemed Derî (51st Liva)

Yamin Tilco (Faylaq al-Majd)

Mehmud Hac Hisen (Sultan Murad)

Mutasim Ebas (Mutasim Division)

Seyf Bolat (Firqet Hemze)

Mutez Reslan (Jaysh al-Nuxbe)

Fadî Omer (Jaysh al-Ahfad)

Rami Hoce (111th Liva)

Ebdulkerim Hesum (112th Liva)

Husam Bekur (113th Liva)

Firaz Başa (Muntesir Billah)

Sair Meruf (Semerkant Liva)

Mihemed Başa (122nd Liva)

Ehmed İhsan Haşimi (Ahrar Sharqiya)