Revolutionary guerrilla operations that stunned the Turkish army

Throughout 2023, the momentum of the guerrilla forces, who dealt heavy blows to the occupying Turkish army, has caught the attention in terms of action since November. The revolutionary operations of the guerrilla forces continue.


The revolutionary operations of the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla against the occupying Turkish army continue unabated. The revolutionary operations, which intensified in November, the 45th anniversary of the founding of the PKK, and continued in Zap, Xakurkê and Metîna in December, January, February and March, shocked the AKP-MHP fascist regime, while frustrating the whims of those who gave the PKK a life expectancy. People's Defence Central Headquarters Command (HSM) shared a development with the public on 20 March as Newroz good news, stating that: "The Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla has had the opportunity and ability to neutralize UCAVs, with which the Turkish state and army carry out assassinations and massacres every day. Our forces shot down a total of 15 UCAVs". Immediately after this statement, Gerîla TV broadcast images showing the moments of the downing of the UCAVs one after the other.

The images from the battlefield and the published balance sheets show that despite the support of the KDP, the invading Turkish army forces could not hold on against the guerrilla and the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla took the initiative in the war. In the footage from the Şehîd Doğa Viyan Revolutionary Operation carried out in Zap on 17 February, the atmosphere on the battlefield was reflected by the guerrillas' call to the soldiers to "surrender", calling out "Karayılan's instruction is that you will die, soldier", chanting "This is Zap, there is no way out of here", "They are escaping, go after them", and the slogans "Bijî Serok Apo".

According to the 2023 balance sheet of the HSM Headquarters Command, the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla carried out 1712 actions and killed 928 invaders, including 7 high-ranking officers. The invaders attacked 2969 times, including with chemical weapons and banned bombs. 179 guerrillas were martyred. In November alone, 193 actions were carried out by the guerrillas against the Turkish army forces, and 124 invaders were killed. A large quantity of military ammunition was captured or destroyed, and 4 guerrillas were martyred in the war.

While the guerrilla forces used a wide range of war tactics such as ambush, attack, infiltration, coordinated guerrilla action, sabotage, assassination, heavy weapon action, clash-damage-intervention actions, the revolutionary operations they carried out marked the resistance. The footage of dozens of actions carried out was broadcast by Gerîla TV.

The revolutionary operations carried out by the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla since November 2023 are as follows:


While the 45th anniversary of the establishment of the PKK was met with effective actions in the resistance areas, the Martyr Leyla Sorxwîn Amed Revolutionary Operation was carried out in Metîna on 26 November 2023. "Our forces carried out the Martyr Leyla Sorxwîn Amed Revolutionary Operation in Metîna, punishing 18 invaders and confiscating many weapons and military equipment by personally going over 12 corpses," the HPG said in a statement on the operation.

The occupying Turkish army and the special war media, which concealed their losses, announced the death of Infantry First Sergeant Necdet Calis and infantry contract soldiers Emrah Gündüz and Fevzi Kiziltas. However, the HPG released a video showing the bags and materials belonging to some soldiers whose deaths in this revolutionary operation were concealed. HPG announced that the soldiers named Samet Kulaç, Mustafa Akalp, İsmail Yılmaz and Mücahit Gökyer were killed and their bags were confiscated, revealing that the Turkish state concealed the deaths of these soldiers.


On 22 December 2023, news of another revolutionary operation came from Xakurkê. The related HPG statement said that 27 invaders were killed in this operation and the bodies of 17 soldiers were searched. The guerrillas also seized weapons and military equipment, much of which was destroyed. The statement also reported that 9 other Turkish soldiers were killed in another coordinated action in Metîna.

In the wake of this action, the Turkish army, which has systematically concealed its casualties from the public, was forced to admit the deaths of Lieutenant Ramazan Günay, specialist sergeant Mehmet Serinkan, specialist corporal İsmail Yazıcı and contract soldiers Emre Taşkın, Yasin Karaca and Çağatay Erenoğlu.


HPG Press Liaison Centre (HPG-BIM) announced that the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas, who inflicted a heavy blow on the invading Turkish army in Xakurkê and Metîna, killed 34 invaders in Girê Amediyê Revolutionary Operation in Zap the next day (23 December), and 3 guerrillas were martyred.

About a month before this action (on 20 November), the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas carried out a comprehensive revolutionary operation against the invaders in Girê Amediyê Resistance Area and hit the invading army forces in Girê Şehîd Cesur, Şehîd Cemre and Girê Şehîd Pirdoğan. The HPG statement said that the comprehensive revolutionary operation was carried out simultaneously in three different places, using different tactics with many operational arms. 49 invaders were killed and 21 tents and 12 positions were destroyed.


On 23 December, a revolutionary operation was carried out in Kurojahro. HPG BIM announced that on the evening of 23 December, the Şehîd Melsa Mûş Revolutionary Operation was carried out against the invaders positioned on two hills in Kurojahro Resistance Area. 18 invaders were killed and 1 invader was wounded in the revolutionary operation carried out with a three-pronged infiltration tactic. HPG announced that weapons and ammunition belonging to the soldiers killed in the action were confiscated and 6 positions, 4 tents, 1 camellia and 1 mobile camera system were destroyed. The occupation force on the two hills was completely liquidated and the hills were bombed by the Turkish army in order to prevent the guerrillas from taking the soldiers' bodies under their control.

After Gerîla TV shared footage of the killing of soldiers and information about them, the Turkish state authorities, unable to conceal the deaths of soldiers, were forced to announce that 12 soldiers had been killed in guerrilla actions in 2 days, 6 on 22 December and 6 on 23 December. 


At 17:10 on the evening of 12 January 2024, the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla carried out another Revolutionary Operation named Martyr Helmet Dêrelûk against the occupying Turkish troops in the Girê Amediyê Resistance Area of the Şehîd Delîl Batı Zap region. Guerrilla forces completely cleared the occupying Turkish soldiers from their positions. The related statement by HPG-BIM said that the guerrillas infiltrated and destroyed the soldiers’ positions one by one, and 61 invaders were killed in the operation, while 20 bodies were searched. In addition, the guerrilla forces confiscated many weapons from the invaders and destroyed positions, containers, weapons and military equipment by setting them on fire.

The Turkish Ministry of Defence, which had concealed the deaths of soldiers many times before, first announced that 5 soldiers were killed in this action, but later had to admit that the number of soldiers killed was 9 and the number of wounded soldiers was 4.

The People's Defence Centre (HSM) Headquarters Command, which published a congratulatory message on the revolutionary operation in Zap, said, "It is certain that we have entered a historic process in 2024, which clearly will not be an ordinary year for our struggle."


While the repercussions of the Martyr Helmet Derelûk Revolutionary Operation continued, the news of another revolutionary operation on 17 February appeared on agencies. HPG-BIM shared the following information about the operation:

"On 17 February at 12:50, guerrillas carried out the Şehîd Doğa Viyan Revolutionary Operation against the invaders positioned in a base area in Girê Cûdî Resistance Area in the Western Zap region. In the revolutionary operation launched with an attack tactic, the enemy positions targeted from many arms were hit and captured. The professional operation force, which went on the enemy with the Apoist sacrificial spirit, quickly took the base area from the invaders, went over their bodies and confiscated their weapons."

It was announced that a guerrilla was martyred in the revolutionary operation, in which 37 Turkish soldiers, including 1 captain, were killed.

Footage broadcast on Gerîla TV showed how the HPG and YJA Star guerrillas took the initiative of war with great courage, moral strength and enthusiasm, how the positions of the invaders fell and how the tents, containers, heavy weapons and military equipment on the hill were burned and destroyed.

Footage shows YJA Star guerrillas playing an active role in the revolutionary operation:


On the eve of Newroz, news of a new revolutionary operation came out. Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla announced that they carried out another effective operation in the Zap region on 19 March under the name of Şehîd Ciwan-Şehîd Andok Revolutionary Operation. According to the statement, 41 invading Turkish soldiers were killed and many weapons and military equipment were confiscated or destroyed.

On 19 March, HPG-BIM reported that effective guerrilla actions developed in 3 different areas (Şehîd Cemre, Şehîd Cesur and Şehîd Pirdoğan) in the morning hours and that a special tactic and technique was used in this operation.

The statement said: "The revolutionary operation started on the initiative of our forces with a special tactic and technique, and in the first stage, the invaders in Şehîd Cemre were hit. As a result of effective strikes, 2 containers, 1 tent, 1 position were destroyed, 15 invaders were killed and 9 invaders were injured.

The invaders positioned in Şehîd Cesur were targeted from 4 arms and hit effectively. A total of 24 invaders were killed and 1 other was wounded. Our professional guerrilla force, who confiscated the weapons and ammunition of the invaders, used the weapons of the invaders against them. A panzer belonging to the occupiers was hit by a B7 rocket."