Sabri Ok: Erdoğan is attacking NE Syria from his death bed

“Erdoğan is carrying out these attacks from his death bed (...) Erdogan's life may not end in weeks, but it will end in months.”

KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Executive Council Member Sabri Ok evaluated the Turkish state's invasion of Northern and Eastern Syria during the program Rojeva Welat on Stêrk TV on Tuesday evening.

About Turkish President Erdoğan, Ok said: “He is the fascist of this century, and pointed out that the attacks on Rojava were not the result of Erdoğan strength.

“Erdoğan is carrying out these attacks from his death bed (...) Erdogan's life may not end in weeks, but it will end in months.”

Ok said that the people of Turkey gained nothing. “On the contrary he brought crisis within the society, the economy, politics. Erdoğan cannot handle all this. As such, it cannot play a role in Syria against Russia and the US. As a matter of fact Erdoğan has lost ”.

The occupation attacks made the Kurdish people “see for the first time that Kurds should be united”, said Ok, adding: “A divided and selfish policy is fruitless.”

KCK Executive Council Member Sabri Ok continued:

“Today there is an immoral occupation war in Rojava that does not recognize any limit. The war between the Kurdish and the other peoples of Northern and Eastern Syria and the Turkish state has been going on for almost 8 years.

When ISIS entered in the agenda of mankind, these mercenaries began to enter the Kurdish regions under Erdoğan's orders. In Kobane, the Kurdish people and the people of the region have resisted against ISIS in order to protect their freedom, dignity and existence. It was also a war with the Turkish state. Because Erdoğan was involved in this war. Therefore, this war has been waged not only today, but for 8 years, between the peoples of North and East Syria and the Turkish state, the AKP and Erdoğan.

The Turkish state and Erdoğan supported ISIS. They continue to do so. ISIS attacked the Kurdish people because the Turkish state and Erdoğan aimed at breaking the will of the Kurdish people in Kobane. Erdoğan made clear his aim when he said: ‘Kobanê has fallen, will fall’. This war has been going on since then.

Today the fight against ISIS is in the name of humanity. In Kobanê, the whole world witnessed a great and heroic resistance in which thousands of martyrs fell. In this way Kurds defended human dignity. This struggle got a special place in the conscience of humanity. And this disturbed Erdoğan deeply. When the Kurds were embraced by the peoples of the world, Erdoğan went mad.

Without Bakur Kurdistan, Erdoğan and the Turkish state would not have been so interested in Rojava. 

He might not have entered such a war. Erdoğan's fascist mentality does not recognize the right to life of Kurds. He cannot tolerate their very existence. 

The biggest fear for him was the idea of having to tolerate the existence of a Kurdish identity in Turkey and the a neighboring free Rojava. 

The existence of a democratic free life will have affected the people in north Kurdistan and Turkey. This was Erdoğan’s biggest fear. 

For this reason he got so heavy with Rojava and Syria since the resistance and victory of Kobanê.


When the Kurdish people started to fight against ISIS, al-Nusra and other mercenaries, Erdoğan and the Turkish state supported these mercenaries. This has been proven. While ISIS mercenaries established their control over the borders of the Turkish state, Erdoğan was not disturbed. 

Indeed when the Kurdish and the other peoples in the region began fighting against ISIS, Turkey were looking after and treating the mercenaries. 

Erdoğan was re-organising and re-arming these mercenaries in Turkey. Of course, these mercenaries then attacked the Kurdish people and the Syrian people. 

Thousands of mercenaries passed through the territory of Turkey on their way to Syria. Now, confronted with these facts, who would believe Erdoğan's lie - ‘We have waged the greatest war against ISIS?’ 

The Kurdish people have been waging a war against ISIS, al-Nusra and other mercenaries as well as against the Turkish state and the AKP for 8 years. 

They constantly tried to break the will of the Kurdish and the other peoples with ISIS and al-Nusra. But they have failed. ISIS was defeated in Kobanê, Manbij, Tebqa, Raqqa and Deir Ez-zor. It was defeated in all of Northern and Eastern Syria and its back was broken. Being this the situation, Erdoğan was forced to do something. And he started to looking for he could do. He tried to do what ISIS and al-Nusra failed to do. For this reason, he began to be interested in the future of the Kurds, Rojava, ISIS and Syria.


Now why has this war reached this stage? The mentality, morality, paradigm and ideologies of Erdoğan and the Turkish state are never open to the values ​​of humanity and democracy. Especially when it comes to Kurds they are reacting as if an apocalypse would break out. 

That’s why he tried to block the democratic system being implemented by the peoples in Northern and Eastern Syria. However, this system was established against all odds. 

Hundreds of civilians, including women and children, have been massacred by the mercenaries used by the fascist Turkish state as their front head. Erdoğan did not attack Afrin for the sake of it. Today they commit all kinds of crimes such as harassment, rape, kidnapping and pillage in Afrin. Unfortunately, all these crimes are happening in front of the world’s eyes.

Why the United Nations and world states, who say that they are in favor of democracy and freedom, let them happen? Hundreds of thousands of Kurds were forced to leave Afrin and in their houses others were resettled. Wasn't that a clear demographic change action? Wasn't this a massacre, the massacre of the Kurdish people? Why everyone kept so quiet?


These mercenary organizations have no ideology. It is Erdoğan himself, who has an ideology. Erdoğan's real ideology is the ideology of ISIS. And this ideology is against the ideology of common life of peoples. What hurts him most is this democratic free association of peoples. Now he wants to invade Northern and Eastern Syria by violating all human and ethical values, once again in front of the world’s eyes. They have already occupied the regions east of the Euphrates, such as Jarablus, Bab, Ezaz, Afrin, Idlib. Now he wants to invade Raqqa, Deir Ez-zor and all the other places.