Salih Muslim: The path to solution passes through Imralı

PYD politician Salih Muslim commented on the latest statements by PKK founder Abdullah Öcalan and called for the Turkish state to address the proposed solutions of the Kurdish thought leader.

Spokesman for Democratic Union Party (PYD) Salih Muslim talked to ANHA (Hawar News Agency) about the statements by PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan, which he made during a meeting with his lawyers on 7 August. Muslim considers the visits by the Kurdish leader's lawyers on Imrali Prison Island to be very important and positive, stating that; "The Kurdish people are demanding that Öcalan's views are paid attention to."

“Official recognition of Kurds will help solve the Kurdish question”

In the interview, Salih Muslim comments on Öcalan's assessment of the history of the Ottoman Empire and the Turkish Republic and continues: "The Turkish state should properly analyze its history. The hostility between the Kurdish and Turkish people caused and triggered by the Turkish state has ultimately always hurt Turkey. Once an official recognition of the Kurds is realized, this would solve not only the Kurdish question, but also the problems of Turkey as a whole. If the persistence on war is abandoned, then the Kurdish question can be solved. Therefore, Chairman Öcalan also stresses the importance of having a proper analysis of history. In the Kurdish-Turkish relations, which began in Ahlat and Malazgirt and continued until the constitution of 1921, the will of the Kurds would be recognized. In the following years began the assimilation phase against the Kurds. Since then, the Turkish state has been in a state of war.”

“The solution requires a dialogue”

PYD spokesman Salih Muslim underscores Öcalan's strength with regard to a solution and states: "Turks and Kurds have been losing ground since Turgut Özal's term in office, ie 27 years ago. If at that time the steps for a solution had been accepted, we would not have spent the last 27 years with war. Turgut Özal proved courage and proposed a solution. The Turkish state, however, stood in the way of the solution. Therefore, Öcalan also asks the Turkish state, "Is there anybody among you who can take on such a leadership role and also perform it in practice?". Öcalan wants to solve the existing problems through dialogue. However, in this regard, the contacts and leaders are of significant importance. For the solution of the Kurdish question, dialogue at the table is of central importance.”

Dolmabahçe Protocol

Muslim recalls Öcalan's words that he is ready for a solution to the Kurdish question and peace, adding, "This message shows clearly that the path to solution passes through Imralı. Öcalan also states that the Kurdish existence cannot be denied. He says that any problems can be solved through an agreement. He also recalls the 10-point Dolmabahçe agreement in 2013 and stresses that the points of the agreement should be discussed and expanded. The fact that he is sure to eliminate the conflict within a week is a sign of his trust in the strength of the people as well as in his paradigm. This trust also gives him strength," explains Muslim.

“No solution in the Middle East without the solution of the Kurdish question”

Muslim clarifies that the Kurdish question is closely rooted in the problems in the Middle East and says: "The side that prevents the solution of this question is the Turkish state. Throughout history, Turkey has sought to destroy in a barbaric way any achievement made by the Kurds. Currently, the Turkish state is anxious to smash the revolution in northern and eastern Syria, giving the message that there is no difference between Afrin and Kirkuk and all could be razed to the ground. The Turkish state is the greatest enemy of peoples. Without a solution in northern Kurdistan, no solution can be reached in other parts of Kurdistan. This also applies to North and East Syria. The problems in the self-governing areas of northern and eastern Syria will disappear as soon as the Turkish state takes its hands off there. We can achieve a solution with the Syrian regime in a democratic framework within the borders of Syria. The system built in northern and eastern Syria acts as an example model for the entire Middle East. However, the Turkish state prevents the spread of this system as well as a total solution for the whole of Syria. We hope that the Turkish state will come to its senses and recognize Öcalan as the address for the solution of this question. Without the solution of the Kurdish question, no other problem can be solved in the Middle East.”