SDF's Abdi: We will frustrate the occupation attacks by resisting

SDF General Commander Mazlum Abdi said that the aim of the Turkish state is to invade the region altogether, but added the SDF would resist the invasion until the end.

Speaking to Ronahi TV, SDF General Commander Mazlum Abdi had this to say about his telephone conversation with US President Donald Trump: "In our phone conversation with the President I told him that we would seek an agreement with regime and Russia and that we would fight against Turkish invasion together."

As to the deal with Damascus, Commander Abdi said: "There isn't a deal with Damascus but an understanding based on the need of border protection and fight against Turkish invasion. This is solely a military move."

Commander Abdi added: "Turkey continues its offensive to occupy Syrian territory, using all its power to attack our areas. Tens of thousands of mercenaries of Daesh and Al-Nusra remnants participated in the attack alongside Turkey."

 Serekaniyê resistance is already a legend

Speaking about the attack on Serekaniyê Commander Abdi said: "Despite the great force that is attacking Serekaniyê, our forces fight epic battles and show great resistance there.

In Manbij the SDF foiled the Turkish occupation forces plan

As to the situation in Manbij, commander Abdi said: " Turkey and its factions tried to attack Manbij but we foiled their plans.

Turkey deliberately targeting civilians

The Strategy followed by the Turkish Occupation is to displace our people, so they are indiscriminately bombing our areas. The Turkish operation aims to empty the area of its inhabitants and settle others in their place."

Our priority is preventing Turkish occupation

Speaking about the US decision to withdraw its troops, Commander Abdi said: "America has not kept its promises and commitments, nor has it committed to its position as a guarantor of the security mechanism agreement.

America has not protected its allies in the fight against Daesh. 
If America did not stop this war, then it betrayed its allies and our people.
We said earlier that the war against Daesh will not be a priority for us if Turkey attacks us.
Currently our main objective is to protect our people and our region, and to stop the Turkish invasion."

Commander Abdi added: "Daesh is a threat to the world as well as to our people, but this war is not our priority now.

Our agreement with America regarding the war against Daesh is still going on, and we have more than 12,000 Daesh detainees.

We must discuss these things with Washington, but protecting our people is a priority for us.
For our part, we have frozen our participation in the war against Daesh."

One of the Turkish occupation objectives is to revive Daesh and is doing so now by attacking us.
Some parties say that Turkey or the regime will be responsible for Daesh detainees.
We will decide the fate of Daesh detainees we will not accept anyone else to take the responsibility of the detainees.
Daesh detainees constitute a danger to the world.

Telephone conversation with President Trump

Commander Abdi also said: "Donald Trump called me while sitting next to his deputy and several officials in the House of Representatives.
They asked about the situation, what do we want from them, and what they can do. Trump said that they aren't against our agreement with the regime forces in our regions."