SDF Spokeswoman:Our offensive will continue until the end of ISIS

SDF spokeswoman Lîlwa Abdullah considers the Hajin offensive to be one of her toughest offensives, stressing that the operation will continue uninterrupted until the end of ISIS.

The operation of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) for the liberation of the last ISIS occupied area in northern and eastern Syria, the Hajin region in the province of Deir ez-Zor, is continuing for 50 days.

ANF talked with spokeswoman for SDF, Lîlwa Abdullah about the development of the offensive. Abdullah said it was the jihadists’ last haven, and the operation would continue uninterrupted until the end of the ISIS in the region.

Lîlwa Abdullah said the following about the operation started on September 4 on four fronts: "The Deir ez-Zor offensive started in September. The target of the offensive was the cleansing of the region east of the Euphrates from ISIS. The offensive started on four fronts. It aims to liberate the Hajin, al-Sousse, al-Shefa, Abu Khaser and Abu Hassan regions from the gangs. It will go on until these areas are completely cleansed of the jihadists."

"The war is fierce these days"

Abdullah reports that heavy fighting has been taking place in recent days, especially as a result of ISIS attacks in the shelter of the sandstorms: "The war is fierce these days. At various points heavy fighting takes place. In this war, some of our fighters fell as martyrs, some others got injured. Our dead have shed their blood to save the civilian population and put an end to the cruelty of the jihadists. Most of our fighters are people who themselves had to experience the cruelty of the ISIS."

Difficult situation due to the sandstorms

Abdullah reports that at least 80 jihadists have been killed and many armored vehicles and vehicle bombs have been destroyed in the last three days. The sandstorms, however, give the jihadists a tactical advantage. "The storms have negatively impacted our offensive, but it continues. The attacks of the ISIS could take place due to the sandstorms. Our fighters have repelled these attacks with great courage. The jihadists are trying to block our advance with mines and vehicle bombs, but that's nothing new to us. They have tried this before in other areas as well," explains Abdullah.

One of the toughest offensives

The coalition forces are attacking ISIS positions, Abdullah says, adding, "This is one of the toughest offensives. Because this is the last stop for the jihadists. But over the past 50 days, we have been able to move forward continuously."

The administration of the region handed over to the civilian population

The SDF spokeswoman continued: "After this region has been cleaned by the jihadists, we will hand it over to the civilian administration. Just as there is self-government in other regions, such as Raqqa, Tabqa and Manbij, it will be here as well. The SDF is not a force created to dominate an area."