Situation in South Kurdistan and Iraq is very dangerous!

The reason why the Turkish state has not yet achieved its occupation objectives is the historical resistance of the guerrillas. The PKK is not the reason for the Turkish attacks.

In the last two years, the attacks and threats byShiite forces against Hewlêr have increased. We all know the dominance the Shiite politics in Iran. The intervention of the US and international forces in the Middle East keeps continuing. After Syria, they will target Iran. These are known by everyone. The prolongation of this process is one of the main reasons why the Greater Middle East project collapsed, and the Syrian regime did not fall. Iran mobilized all its resources under the guidance of Suleyman Qasimi to save the Syrian regime. Iran knew that if the Syrian regime fell, Tehran would be next.

Iran is the enemy of the Kurds, like many other invaders in the Middle East. The existing regime was established by killing the Kurds. This fact is not openly discussed. The US and Israel declared Iran an 'enemy' and picked up Hewlêr as the centre of their organizations. For this reason, Iran has been targeting and attacking Hewlêr for a while. The Hashd al-Shaabi forces linked to Iran carry out these attacks. On March 13, 2022, an attack on the KDP was carried out by the Iranian regime. This was the beginning of a new attack process. It is not a secret that the KDP has close relations with the US, Israel and Turkey. Hewlêr has become Iran's target due to the recent natural gas agreement between the KDP and Turkey. The Revolutionary Guards officially claimed responsibility for the attack on Hewlêr.

Some documents were presented to Iraqi Interior Minister Fuad Hisên in a meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Hüseyin Emir Abdullahiyan and Intelligence Minister Mahmud Alevi. The documents raised concern over the existence of the CIA, MOSSAD and MIT, and Iraq was asked to take steps against it. During the meeting, Iran said that it would not allow a threat to Iran in South Kurdistan. Iraq promised that it would not allow any activity that would put Iran in jeopardy. However, we all know that Turkish intelligence has headquarters in Hewlêr and Dihok. Hewlêr tried to cover up the attack carried out with a Toyota -type vehicle on June 8. Who was the owner of the vehicle, who was inside? What is going on in Hewlêr, whether there were any casualties, the KDP and attacking forces are all well known.


Inside, both the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and KDP are the biggest obstacles to the administration of the region. In particular, the KDP acts independently of its partners PUK and the Goran Movement. One of the problems that the PUK and the KDP is currently facing is the general elections held on October 10, 2020. Even though the office of Presidency should be given to the PUK according to the Iraqi laws, the KDP wanted to take the office in agreement with many Iraqi parties, particularly with Sadr. However, the issue of the Presidency has been a bridle to the establishment of a new Iraqi government.

Furthermore, the KDP's natural gas agreement, the re-occupation of South Kurdistan, and the violation of Iraqi sovereignty have deepened the conflict between Iraq and the Kurdistan region. The Iraqi Federal Court ruled that the sale of gas and oil in the region without the consent of the Iraqi central government was unconstitutional. Also, the economic crisis has made the life of ordinary people difficult. Gas problems have made it difficult for citizens to use their vehicles on a daily basis. The oil which is taken out from the Kurdistan Region and exported to foreign countries is sold for a high price to the public. The price of gasoline has recently fluctuated between 1000-1250 Iraqi Dinars. The invasion attacks and the KDP's cooperation with the Turkish forces have jeopardized the Kurdish gains in the region. Even the occupation of Kirkuk and Mosul has been brought on the agenda. This is the current situation in South Kurdistan, and the situation in Iraq is also bad.


One of the most dangerous crises in Iraq is the lack of a new government. For the last 8 months, neither a new government nor a transitional government has been established. Religion and partisan problems have not been resolved in Iraq so far. Most recently, Sadr called on all parties in the parliament, including his 73 lawmakers, to resign. Soon after, the lawmakers submitted their resignation letters to Sadr. Later in the night, the Iraqi Parliament Speaker Mohammed al-Halbousi tried to convince Sadr, but failed and approved the resignations. Sadr's entire effort is to have a multi-party government. According to Sadr, a single-party government will not be able to find a solution to Iraq. His whole effort is to win the majority and to be strong in the parliament.

Following the approval of the resignations of the Sadrist lawmakers, the state of law coalition under the chairmanship of Nouri al-Maliki decided to hold a meeting immediately. It is not yet clear what the result will be. In this case, the elections may be invalidated. Iraqi deputy Cewad Xezali recently asked for the revocation of the elections. Also, there are some reactions to the invaders. Many individuals and deputies call on foreign troops to withdraw from the Iraqi territory and end the Turkish occupation of Iraq.

The reason why there have not been positive outcomes is the lack of a new government and some Iraqi parties and Iraqi prime minister Mustafa al-Kazimi have strong ties with Turkey and the October 9 Treaty. Turkey is taking advantage of the conflicts among the Iraqi parties, attacking the sovereignty of Iraq and the Kurdistan Region. This is an invasion threat to the Kurdistan region, including Kirkuk and Mosul. The reason why Turkey has not yet achieved its goals is the historical resistance of the guerrillas. The guerrilla resistance which prevented ISIS from occupying many parts of Iraq and Kurdistan in 2014, is now taking place along the border, specifically in Zap, Avasin and Metîna, and prevented the occupation of South Kurdistan completely.

This fact should be understood. If Turkey has not occupied many areas so far, this is thanks to the PKK guerrillas. The PKK is not the reason for the attacks. The PKK is a movement that does not allow the destruction of the dignity of the Kurds, Arabs, Kurdistan and Iraq. If an attitude is to be adopted, this should be a reaction to the invaders. Otherwise, Iraq will be completely divided by Iran, Turkey and the hegemonic forces. There will be no Iraq and it will completely disappear.