Syrian army takes Maarat al-Numan south of Idlib

The city was taken with Russian air support.

Amid ongoing operations on Idlib which is occupied by the Turkish-backed mercenary groups led by al-Nusra, the Syrian army has taken control of the Maarat al-Numan city south of Idlib.

Reports suggest that Turkey’s mercenaries are withdrawing from the city without engaging in fighting with the Syrian troops.

Maarat al-Numan is located on the M-5 highway which connects Aleppo and Damascus. It is located on the 15-km long line from which the mercenaries are supposed to pull back as per the Sochi agreement made between Russia, Turkey and Iran.

The mercenary groups had been attacking the neighborhoods west of Aleppo for days in an attempt to stop the advance of Syrian military towards Maarat al-Numan.