The last message of guerrilla Demhat Kobanê

On 15 June 2021, guerrilla Demhat Kobanê fell a martyr in an action carried out by the Turkish army in South Kurdistan. A short time before, he had spoken to ANF.

On 15 June 2021, violent clashes between fighters of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) and the Turkish army broke out in the Metîna region in the area of ​​the village of Serero, which was defended by the guerrillas. Three Turkish soldiers were killed in the battle. HPG fighter Demhat Kobanê (Heysem Şêxo) also fell in battle.

Demhat Kobanê had joined the HPG when the Islamic State attacked the city of Kobanê in autumn 2015. He came from Kobanê and fought there in the resistance against the invasion of the jihadists. Then he went to the Kurdish mountains. Shortly before falling a martyr, he had spoken to ANF about the current situation in the battle zones in South Kurdistan and had appealed to the Kurdish youth.

Referring to the violent attacks on the Medya Defense Areas, in particular on the regions of Metîna, Zap and Avashîn, Kobanê said: “We as the freedom guerrillas of Kurdistan will not let the invasion troops get through. We will give them the appropriate answer. We will resist despite the display of technology by the enemy.”
"Don't fall for dirty propaganda"

Guerrilla Demhat Kobanê said that the Turkish army had been trying to advance unsuccessfully for days, but failed because of the resistance of the guerrillas. In particular, he had appealed to the youth of South Kurdistan to join the resistance and avoid listening to the propaganda of the collaborators with Turkish fascism.

He insisted that the actual aim of the attacks was the occupation of South Kurdistan: "The people of the South must understand that these attacks are not directed only against the PKK. The Turkish state cannot even bear the word Kurdistan and wants to destroy all Kurdish achievements. Therefore, the whole population of South Kurdistan and especially the youth have to take part in this resistance."

"Our people should be proud of our actions"

Demhat Kobanê stated that the guerrillas had to oppose the superior technology of the Turkish army with their determination and strong will: "On the basis of this determination we are carrying out successful actions."

Guerrilla Kobanê greeted the fighters on the front lines in the Medya Defense Areas and in particular on Zendûra and said: "Our hearts are with you until the end, we draw our strength from your struggle." Then he shouted the slogan "Long live the resistance of the guerrillas, resistance is life!"