The long list of Kurdish massacres carried out by the AKP

The AKP has frequently carried out Kurdish massacres. The AKP calls these murders and massacres "fighting against terrorism", and also acted as the flag bearer of Turkish nationalism.

In Amed, Erdogan said: "We solved the Kurdish problem," while in Turkish cities he said: "We will destroy the Kurds", pushing on the extreme nationalist feelings of part of the population. The AKP has committed many massacres against the Kurds in its 21 years of rule.

Some of the massacres committed under AKP rule are as follows:

* 12-year-old Uğur Kaymaz, along with his father Ahmet Kaymaz, was killed by the police in front of their house in the Qoser (Kızıltepe) district of Mardin on 21 November 2004, as a result of a volley of fire. The Mardin Governorate argued that "two terrorists were killed in clashes".

* The funeral ceremony in Amed for 6 of the 14 guerrillas killed by the Turkish army with chemical weapons in the rural area of Muş on 24 March 2006 was attacked. During the demonstrations that spread to the whole city and the cities of the region, 13 people, 5 of whom were children, were killed. The Prime Minister of the time, Erdogan, said: "We will do whatever is necessary [to defeat terrorism], no matter if they are women or children."

* On 28 December 2011, Turkish warplanes bombed and killed 34 Kurdish villagers, including 17 children, in Roboski. The Prime Minister of the time was Erdogan. He thanked the Chief of General Staff of the time, İlker Başbuğ, for the massacre.

* During the three-month blockade in Cizîr (Cizre) on 14 December 2015, nearly 300 people, including elderly, young people, women and children, were killed and hundreds of people were injured. Thousands of homes were damaged and tens of thousands of people were forced to migrate.

* On 11 May 2013, two separate vehicles were bombed in Hatay's Reyhanlı district; 52 people died.

* Two days before the general elections of 7 June 2015, the HDP final rally in Amed attended by Selahattin Demirtaş was bombed. 5 people were killed, the number of injured exceeded 400.

* On 20 July the same year, young people gathered in Pirsûs (Suruç) to deliver humanitarian aid to Kobanê were attacked by ISIS. As a result of the suicide bombing, 33 activists lost their lives.

* Immediately after the Suruç Massacre, a great massacre took place in Ankara. Again with the help of ISIS, the peace rally in Train Station on 10 October 2015 was targeted; 103 people were killed.

* The murder of Amed Bar Association President Tahir Elçi in front of the Four-Legged Minaret on 28 November 2015 and the murder of university student Kemal Kurkut in 2017 Newroz were also covered up. The perpetrators of the state forces were protected.

* On 20 August 2016, a suicide bomber attacked a Kurdish wedding in the Şahinbey district of Dîlok (Antep). 59 people, mostly women and children, were killed. This massacre was also covered up. Moreover, the AKP government launched invasion attacks, using this massacre of which it was the perpetrator, as an excuse.