The Turkish nation state’s culture of lies

The Turkish nation and state have been constructed with lies, from religion to philosophy and art, from mythology to science, and the traditional social mentality and its history have been imposed.

Like all nation states, the Turkish nation state is a liar. It is not only a liar; it is also founded on lies. It lives on lies. The biggest lie of nation-states is that they live the unculture as a culture and show their backwardness as a progress. Its distortion of minds and souls and creation of a lying identity while carrying out massacres and genocides are completely based on its interests and untruth. It passes untruth off on the people as truth.

In this sense, the Turkish state is built on this foundation and is a coup d'état that plunders the culture of Middle Eastern societies and darkens their tradition. Turkey is not just a place where coups are staged once every ten years, it is itself a coup as a whole and every government is a coup government. It is a destructive, genocidal coup regime, whose every word is a lie.

The Turkish nation and state have been constructed with lies, from religion to philosophy and art, from mythology to science. Ahistoricity and culturelessness have been imposed on the traditional social mentality and its history. The traditional cultures of the Middle East have had their share of this obfuscation and distortion. All cultures were intended to be Turkified under pressure and torture and were never acknowledged as they were.

Turkish culture was not built on the right foundations, not with a renaissance by giving history and culture their true meaning, but by lying, plundering, greed for maximum profit, denial of democracy and massacre of all social cultures. The mindset of the nation created is far from democracy and lives on the basis of hostility to truth and reality, as it was created on lies with the logic of a monist nation-state.

In essence, every nation state is a coup and a counter-revolution. It is a genocidal mill that grinds values like a grotto devouring social truths. It is an attack against revolutionary nations and the unity of peoples. This army of liars, who betrayed the values of the people, who turned this war into a civil war and turned Anatolia and Mesopotamia into a bloodbath in the name of Turkey, is a fascist, conspiratorial, genocidal mindset which is hostile to truth, and has survived to this day with its white-black and green forms that have nothing to do with Turkishness.

Built on denial and destruction, ignorant of the recent history of Anatolia and Mesopotamia, this wall is about to collapse today. This wall, which has been built in the minds, which obscures the truth and buries all material and spiritual values, is collapsing.

Like the buildings with missing materials that collapsed in the earthquake, this false construction built with the material of nationalism and etatism is crackling and collapsing. This illegal construction activity, which was established like a company of the West and England, is struggling desperately to survive.

But everything is futile in the face of the truth of the peoples. The plane tree you think is sacred will collapse with a flick.

Those who expect a solution from the Turkish state will be very upset, in particular. How can the problem itself produce a solution? Can the germ of the disease be cured? Getting rid of the problematic and diseased will be a real solution and healing.  Those who expect a solution from the problem should know that Turkey will get rid of this mindset and the peoples will be freed.

Turkey will not change unless a democratic Middle East is created in the spirit of freedom and solidarity, unless minds and hearts are rebuilt with a common democratic mentality. We cannot wake up to a new Turkey without abandoning the mentality and policy of nationalism and religionism.  Otherwise, we will always remain asleep and get lulled to sleep with lies. We will become a sleeping society.

Waking up to a free and democratic society means not falling for the lies of liars.