Thousands march against occupation and betrayal in Berlin

The great 'Defend Kurdistan Against Occupation and Betrayal' demonstration has begun in German capital Berlin.

Kurds and their friends are joining a central rally in Berlin under the motto 'Defend Kurdistan Against Occupation and Betrayal'. The demonstration is directed against the Turkish attacks on the guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) and the betrayal of the ruling party KDP that cooperates with Turkey in its invasion campaign against the guerrillas.

The rally promoted by KON-MED (Confederation of Kurdistan Communities in Germany), YJK-E (Kurdish Women’s Movement in Europe) and Defend Kurdistan is attended by thousands of Kurds and their friends from Berlin and other cities of Germany.

“Stop the chemical attacks in Kurdistan” and “No German tanks for Erdoğan’s wars” are among the banners displayed by demonstrators marching to Brandenburger Tor where a rally will be held.

Speaking after a minute’s silence in memory of the May Martyrs, Fed-Kurd co-chairs Niştiman Tarhan and Kerem Gök said, “We dedicate our march to Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan and the resilient guerrillas. There could be an incursion into Zap, but no triumph.”

Further speeches by Haci Çelik of NAV-YEK, Hafız Ahmet of CÎK and Women Defend Rojava were followed by slogans saluting the guerrilla resistance against Turkish invasion.