Threat of invasion against Rojava and the current situation in North-East Syria – IV

Women's Defence Units (YPJ) spokeswoman Rûksen Mihemed spoke about their preparations for a possible Turkish invasion operation against North and East Syria and said that the invasion attacks would be repelled.

YPG and YPJ forces in North and East Syria, threatened with the Turkish invasion of Kobanê, Manbij and Til Rifat, stated that their preparations continued, and they would stand against the invaders together.

YPJ Spokeswoman Rûksen Mihemed answered ANF's questions about the objectives of a possible invasion operation and their preparations against it.

-What is the current situation concerning the invasion threats against North and East Syria?

It is always said that 'there is a threat'. However, this is not a proper definition. There is a war going on. It's not just a threat. The Turkish state has not stopped its attacks on North and East Syria so far. It has continued its attacks in different ways. Sometimes, it used mercenary groups, other times it intervened in conflicts directly. This shows that the war policy of the Turkish state is permanent. True, there has been no ground operation until now. However, the attacks have always continued. The Turkish state seeks ways to obtain a victory in the upcoming elections through war.


The Turkish state continues to increase its attacks on the region. Is their main goal 'border security' as they claim?

The aim of the daily bombing of the region, the targeting of civilians and the practices of psychological-special warfare is to destroy the unity and solidarity of the peoples shaped by the Democratic Nation project. Turkey’s drones target civilians and leading commanders fighting against ISIS. In the person of the Kurds, all those living in North and East Syria, the popular will and the autonomous system that inspires the whole world are targeted. Intense air strikes carried out against the region on November 19-20, 2022, once again revealed the intentions of invasion. They want to divide not only the region, but also the entire Syria. They also want to reach Arab countries by targeting the Syrian peoples. Because the plans and goals of the Turkish state are multi-layered. Turkey seeks to realize its neo-Ottoman dreams with attacks on the region. Moreover, it aims to invade Arab countries after the invasion of Syria.


The power mentality, which is disturbed by the strong position of women leading the revolution in North and East Syria with their own existence and identity in the political, social and military fields, also targeted women for the destruction of society. They have targeted women who played a major role in educating and raising awareness within society. They did this not only in North and East Syria, but also in other places. The killing of Evîn Goyî shows that intellectuals and those who fight for a free society are being targeted. They targeted dozens of female friends who led this society, including friends like Hevrin, Hebun, Zehra, Sosin, Jiyan and Roj. The aim is to break the will and backbone of the peoples by targeting their leading members. Targeting the women's revolution means targeting human values. It is necessary to update and expand the women's organization, struggle and commitment. As a society, especially women, we have no choice but to resist. Expanding the struggle against these policies will frustrate their aims.


-What kind of struggle roadmap will you draw based on the experiences you have obtained from the battles you participated previously?

When they carried out an airstrike on November 19-20, they targeted service institutions and infrastructure facilities and thus wanted to force the people of the region to migrate, as they did in Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spi. The resistance, will and attitude of society showed that the people would stay in these lands by strengthening their defence system in line with the experiences obtained in the past. Let's be ready for any war. Turkish president Erdogan says that Kobanê, Manbij and Til Rifat will be targeted. The YPJ-led struggle in Kobanê, which marked the beginning of the end of ISIS, gave inspiration to the world. They want to eliminate the achievements, unity and solidarity by attacking Kobanê. The Kobanê resistance spirit, which was very popular all over the world in 2014-2015, must be stronger and more organized currently against the invasion attacks. Today, more than ever, there is a need to protect Kobanê and its achievements. The ISIS 'caliphate' came to an end in Kobanê. Erdogan notoriously said that "Kobanê is about to fall". However, the resistance shattered Erdogan's dreams. There is a need for more unity and solidarity in order to protect our achievements in North and East Syria and the Autonomous Administration system.

Everyone should protect himself/herself for a free democratic life based on the principles of the Revolutionary People's War. Defence is an urgent need. Your existence becomes permanent with self-organization and defence. We have obtained a lot of experience from the inadequacies during the Resistance of the Age and the Honour Resistance campaigns, raising awareness in society, organizing and analysing the processes properly. Revolutionary people's war is everyone's duty. Every single member of society, especially women, should act with this sense of mission. The people and the fighters in Aleppo's Şêxmeqsud and Eşrefiye districts did this together. We must protect ourselves for a free life. It is necessary to further promote the spirit of the Revolutionary People's War within society. Military forces are not the only ones who are leading the conflicts. Currently, we are waging this war with our people. We can only perpetuate the unity and solidarity formed here by protecting our achievements and martyrs.


How will you resist if Turkish forces attack? What is the extent of the preparations?

We do not promote war, we do not like war. But if there is an attack against the existence and achievements of our people, we will protect them. As the YPJ, we are making preparations in every aspect. The YPJ has been carrying out an uninterrupted struggle with the people of the region, especially women. The groundwork has already been laid. Women led the war against ISIS and other battles in Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî. Women developed their sense of responsibility and self-sacrificing to protect their lands.


Currently, preparations are being made at the highest level. We have obtained a lot of experience from war. A solid ground has been formed. The attacks of the Turkish state on the region, the agreements made, analysing the process politically and militarily make one ready for every war. The will, strength and persistence of all YPJ, YPG and SDF fighters to protect their lands will enable us to be successful in the war as well. Every individual in society should act with this awareness. In order to preserve the achievements in North and East Syria, we will promote and preserve a Kurdish spirit of unity. Any kind of attack can be repelled in this way. We have no choice but resistance and victory. Defence is necessary for our existence. Therefore, we only rely on our own power and people. Expecting is death. We will protect our lands with our own resistance. No one can break our will. No force can make us migrate from our lands once again.