71 days without news from RojNews editor Ahmed

There has been no news from RojNews editor Silêman Ahmed for 71 days.

RojNews agency's Arabic editor, Silêman Ahmed, has been missing for 71 days. While returning to South Kurdistan from the city of Aleppo, where he went to visit his family, on 25 October, Ahmed was detained by units affiliated with the KDP at the Pêşxabûr (Sêmalka) Border Gate and was never heard from again.

In the statement made 6 days later by the Duhok Public Order affiliated with the KDP, some claims were made that Ahmed was not a journalist.

Ahmed’s lawyers applied to the Duhok Public Order Office to meet with their client, but were told that the file was under the control of Parastin (KDP's intelligence agency), and they were prevented from meeting with him on the grounds that the investigation was ongoing.

Although lawyers who are members of the Silêman Ahmed Defense Group have made more than 10 applications to date, KDP forces have not shared any information about the journalist.

RojNews agency recently applied to the UN to intervene in defense of their editor.