ÖGİ: Journalists in Turkey are forced to behave as soldiers

ÖGİ reiterated its demand that imprisoned journalists be freed.

The Free Journalists Initiative (ÖGİ) has issued a written statement to mark the Working Journalists' day.

"We would like to talk about nice and good things in such important day, - said the statement - but unfortunately everyone knows to which point journalists have been taken by the repressive regime in this country.”

They want journalists to be soldiers!

The statement underlined that journalists are “trying to be forced to behave as soldiers, and different voices cannot be tolerated.

Unfortunately, - added the statement - it is not possible to talk about ‘working’ journalists during this process in which dozens of journalists are in prison. However, a handful of 'working journalists' are continuing to try and do their job of inform the public and tell facts.”

The statement continued: “We appreciate the press community that takes care of working in all kinds of difficult conditions, day and night, and by performing their duties without ever getting tired. For this, we celebrate the Working Journalists Day.”

Martyrs commemorated

"We pay tribute to all our colleagues who have been murdered, confirming that the Free Press is carrying out their work no matter how hard the conditions,” added the statement.

ÖGİ reiterated its demand that imprisoned journalists be freed.