Scholars: Boycott Turkish government sponsored institutions

Dozens of academics and leading scholars issued a call to "Boycott Turkish Government Sponsored Academic and Cultural Institutions".

A call to "Boycott Turkish Government Sponsored Academic and Cultural Institutions" was endorsed by a group of leading scholars in the fields of Western imperialism, settler colonialism, histories and anthropologies of the Middle East and/or the Arab World; gender studies, critical race studies, genocide studies and political violence.

The regional scope of these scholars and artists represents a wide array of areas, both in and beyond the Middle East, including: Syria, Kurdistan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Palestine, Israel, Egypt, Armenia and Armenian diasporas, Tunisia, Yemen, South Africa, Sudan, India, Morocco, Latin America, U.S., Canada, France, Germany, Catalonia, Basque Country, Ireland, the UK and many other places. You will also find amongst the endorsers making the call many leading artists from all around the world. This is a call to stop the war and not only that, also to actively promote the ideas embodied by Rojava!

Professor David Graeber said: "Rojava is a beacon of hope for the peoples of the world, currently
being faced by the prospect of outright genocide. Its the responsibility of decent human beings everywhere to understand that neutrality is not an option."