Bayık: The Lausanne alliance must be broken

KCK Executive Council Co-Chair Cemil Bayık, in his message to the Qandil Newroz, said that “We are well on our way towards the victory” and called for the Lausanne Treaty to be eliminated in its 100th year.

The KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Executive Council Co-Chair Bayık sent a message to the Newroz celebration in the Qandil region of southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

Pointing to the 100th anniversary of the Treaty of Lausanne, Bayık emphasized that this agreement must be broken.

Bayık's message is as follows:


“Öcalan laid the foundations of the PKK in the 1973 Newroz. He shaped the party and the people of Newroz with the spirit of Newroz. I congratulate Öcalan, our people, all parties in Kurdistan, our people in Europe and abroad, our friends, the people of the Middle East, the comrades in prisons, the comrades in the mountains, all YPG, YJA Star militants and activists on Newroz.

I commemorate our national leader Mazlum Doğan and Mahsum Korkmaz, as well as Zekiye, Rahşan, Berivan and all martyrs in the persons of comrades Raperin and Yaşar Botan, who were martyred recently.


We welcome Newroz this year with great sadness and pain due to the earthquake. I offer condolences to our people. Our pain is great. We, the PKK and Kurdish people, always use our pain as a force for resistance, organization and struggle. Our people showed great support and helped the survivors. This is very valuable. Socialist and democratic people, young women friends made significant efforts in the aftermath of the earthquake. They shared all they had with the people. I believe that women and young people in particular will assume their role and leadership on Newroz.


Taking advantage of the recent earthquakes, the invading and genocidal Turkish state seeks to reintroduce the Eastern Reform plans in the affected regions. Everyone knows, sees and talks about it. Maybe our people migrated to other places for some reason. But the weather conditions are good now, so everyone should get back to their places. No one should leave their houses, villages and lands. Following the earthquake, we announced a humanitarian, moral and conscientious decision to mobilize everyone to help the survivors. We said that we would cease our actions. Why? Because all the people took care of the earthquake survivors, they offered help to meet their needs. We wanted them to use all their energy for this. That's why we made this decision. It was a humane, moral and conscientious decision. Some forces and parties had asked us to declare a ceasefire before. We made this decision at that time, but those who had asked us to do so did not embrace it. The Turkish state increased its attacks. These attacks still continue. The invading genocidal Turkish state invalidated our decision, our people need to know this fact.


As is known, elections will be held in Kurdistan and Turkey on May 14. This is not an ordinary election. It is an election that will shape the future of Turkey, leftist forces, freedom and democracy, and the Kurdish people. Either fascism will dominate Turkey completely, which would lead to a disaster for the Middle East, or this election will pave the way for a democratic republic. Hence, AKP-MHP must be defeated in this election. In order for this to happen, all forces of freedom and democracy must make great efforts. The Labour and Freedom Alliance is becoming the key to determining Turkey's future. The role of this alliance is crucial, everyone is talking about it. Therefore, the alliance must play its role effectively. Because everyone expects it. The AKP-MHP fascism will use all means available to remain in power and resume the Kurdish genocide. It will increase its attacks, repression and provocations until the elections. We must act against it. We will never take a step back. We will base on resistance.


We are about to mark the 100th anniversary of the Treaty of Lausanne. The Kurdish massacre has been carried out through this treaty so far. Now, our people must break this policy and alliance and pave the way for a free and dignified life for themselves. This should be accepted by everyone. Our people must express that they want to live freely on their own lands. We do not accept anything else. Everyone should recognize this. Let's remove the Lausanne alliance. This is what is required of us. We are in the final phase. Everyone should understand this and aim for victory. The AKP-MHP alliance must be overthrown in order for the way to be paved for a democratic republic in Turkey.

The guerrillas are currently making history in the mountains of Kurdistan. The guerrillas have not allowed the invading genocidal Turkish state to achieve its goals. The guerrillas have defeated the Turkish state. It wasn't just the guerrillas who resisted it. Öcalan, our people and the guerrillas united against the occupation, frustrating their plans for the elimination and genocide of the Kurdish people.


The guerrillas did not allow the genocidal Turkish state to completely occupy South Kurdistan, nor did it allow Turkey to realize its National Pact objective. Just like the guerrillas and Öcalan, our people should enhance the resistance everywhere. Our people should turn the Newroz area into an area of resistance and victory. Everyone would argue that nothing could be done under the most difficult conditions in Amed prison. However, a great victory was won under the leadership of Mazlum and Kemal. They dealt a major blow to the Turkish state. We have come to these days thanks to that resistance and spirit. Both our movement and our people have resisted in this spirit and won great victories under all circumstances. Our people have never accepted a life without dignity, identity and status. They will never accept it. Everyone should understand this. That's how 50 years of resistance has developed. We must strengthen our national unity. All betrayals against the Kurds must be condemned and opposed. The spirit of Newroz never accepts spying and betrayal. Spying and betrayal should not be accepted among the Kurds.


We do not accept a life without Öcalan, and our people have long been expressing this. We will make this year the year of physical freedom of Öcalan. Long live Öcalan, long live the spirit of Newroz. Long live our fight for freedom and humanity.”