Chira TV hindered by Qasim Shesho

Reporters from Chira TV were hindered by armed forces under Qasim Shesho as they tried to follow the Cema Feast of the Yazidi people.

Yazidis have been gathering in the Sherfedin sacred site (Mezargeha) in Shengal for the last two days to celebrate the Cema Feast.

Reporters from Chira TV who wanted to follow the celebrations today were hindered by armed forces under Qasim Shesho.

The reporters weren’t allowed in as per Shehsho’s orders. The armed forces confiscated the reporters’ equipment at first but had to return them when the people protested.

Reports say the armed forces under Qasim Shehsho want to turn the Yazidi sacret site into a military headquarters.