Concern for Idlib as Turkish army crosses the border

There is concern for a possible Afrin-style Turkey-Russia deal in Idlib.

Democratic Innovation Party President Firas Qesas spoke to ANHA about the developments in Idlib, in particular the presence of the Turkish state in Idlib and the threats of the Syrian regime and Russia.

"The situation in Idlib is pretty heavy", Qesas said. "No one can understand the situation in Idlib. Every day in Idlib there are new military or political events. Because there are many groups involved, terrorists are giving the region to each other".

Indicating that the majority of the mercenary groups defeated in the war against regime were now in İdlib, Qesas continued: "The new scenario is this: there is a possibility of an attack on the city by Russia and the regime together. If this happens, civilians will be those who pay the bill. Russia is an expert in war, they know how to win. It will gather all sort of mercenary groups in İdlib and then hit them there. This is the politics of Russia".

The check-points set up by the Turkish state in Idlib, said Qesas "are evidence that there is an agreement between Turkey and Russia, as there was in Afrin. They are both playing a dangerous game. Again, an agreement between Russia and Turkey for Idlib is not a positive thing".

"The terrorists are the enemies of the Syrian people, but there are worries about the lives of civilians in Idlib," Qesas said, pointing out that the presence of the Turkish state in Idlib signaled a military operation by Russia and the Syrian regime as it happened in other regions. "We hope that terrorism in Idlib will end and that international forces will protect the region", he added.

Qesas said that no one knows what the fate of Idlib would be. "Idlib - he said - is an issue when it comes to civilians. Because the regime and Russia do not care about civilians, unlike the Syrian Democratic Forces. It is also possible that Russia and the regime would decide to burn down the whole of Idlib", he warned.

Drawing attention to the crossing of the Idlib border by the Turkish state, Qesas continued: "This crossing is happening with the approval of Russia as it was in Afrin".

Ending his remarks Qesas said: "All the armed groups in İdlib are terrorists, they are the enemies of Syrian people. They believe neither in democracy nor in a peaceful solution".