DBP: The government fears the truth and attacks the free press

DBP stated that the AKP-MHP government fears the truth and therefore attacks the free press and said, "We will stand by the truth, light and free press."

The Democratic Regions Party (DBP) Central Executive Committee (MYK) made a statement on the detention operation against free press workers in Turkey this morning and the raid on TV channels in Belgium last night.

"What happened this morning cannot be separated from the resistance of the Kurdish people on the streets and their upright stance," the statement said.

'Free press will continue to write history'

The statement noted that the AKP-MHP government is afraid of the truth and said, "The tradition of the free press, which has been working non-stop to inform the public about the crimes against humanity committed by the AKP-MHP government through cross-border operations, irregularities during the election period, corruption, special war policies, and ecological destruction, demonstrates its determination in the struggle for truth by continuing its publications and news today, just as it continued to publish its newspaper the next day after the bombing of its buildings in the past."

The DBP statement pointed out that: "Today, we are again faced with the reality that European countries, which talk about freedom of the press every day, publish reports on freedom of thought and expression, and hold talks, are also partners in targeting the Kurdish press. This situation is worrying not only for Kurds but also for press organisations, journalists, freedom of thought and expression all over the world. While the Belgian government's partnership with Turkey will be only a note in history, the resistance of the Kurdish press tradition will continue to write history. Ultimately, all attacks directed against democracy, freedoms and truth are doomed to defeat. As DBP, we will stand by the truth, light and the Free Press as we have done until today. Free Press cannot be silenced."