DFG and MKG call for the release of detained journalists

DFG and MKG called on the government and the law enforcement forces under its command to stop attacks against journalists and ensure their safety.

Dicle Fırat Journalists' Association (DFG) and Mesopotamia Women Journalists' Association (MKG) called for the release of journalists detained while covering the protests against the attempted political coup in Van.

In a written statement on Friday, DFG and MKG stated that journalists who were covering the protests that started in all cities after Peoples' Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) Van Municipality Co-Mayor Abdullah Zeydan was replaced by the AKP candidate were subjected to violence and detained.

The statement drew attention to the police attacks against journalists and announced the names of detained journalists.

In addition to NuJinha reporter Medine Mamedoğlu in Van, Mezopotamya Agency reporter Ferhat Sezgin, Pir News Agency (PİRHA) reporter Dilan Şimşek, Yeni Yaşam Newspaper reporter Sema Korkmaz, Artı Gerçek reporter Müzeyyen Yüce and SiyasiHaber.Org reporters Zilan Azad and Yeşim Dokur in Kadıköy were also detained. While Azad and Dokur were released, 4 journalists are still under custody.

The statement denounced the torture of detained journalists.

Accordingly, Ferhat Sezgin's nose was broken due to police violence, while other journalists were also subjected to violence during detention.

The statement pointed out that:

"Images of the detention of journalists have been on the public agenda. Mezopotamya Agency reporter Ferhat Sezgin, one of the journalists who were tortured and detained by many police officers, had his nose broken due to police violence. We have also seen how other journalists were subjected to serious violence during their detention.

This situation seriously worries and enrages us. The life safety of our friends is directly jeopardised. The law enforcement forces there should primarily ensure the safety of the journalists’ lives. However, it attacks them in a reckless manner. It is clear that it gets this power from the government. The policy of impunity has turned the police into elements that literally torture. They beat people to death in the street and nobody puts a stop to it. But we do not accept this. These tendencies are the biggest blow to freedom of the press. The government and the law enforcement forces under its command must stop these attacks and ensure the safety of journalists. In addition, everyone should protect the press workers who are the eyes, ears and voice of the people. They should not leave them in the hands of these torturers. We once again express our solidarity with all our friends who were attacked, detained and injured and demand their immediate release."