DFG condemns police attacks on journalists during protests against the AKP's election coup

Denouncing the brutal attacks on journalists during protests following the election coup in Van, Dicle Fırat Journalists' Association condemned the attacks against the people's right to information.

Dicle Fırat Journalists' Association (DFG) condemned the attempted coup against the will of the Kurdish people in the person of Abdullah Zeydan, Co-Mayor of Peoples' Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) in Van and the police attacks against journalists.

In a written statement on Wednesday, DFG said, "This coup attempt, which has caused great outrage throughout the country since yesterday, has been met with public protests in Van, and harsh attacks have taken place against the demonstrations. During yesterday's events, unfortunately, it was journalists who were again identified as open targets and attacked. Press workers, whose duty is to convey the events to the public in all their nakedness, were again targeted by the police. In many cities, especially in Van, press workers were prevented from taking pictures and were targeted with gas and water cannons. In some places, they were subjected to physical intervention."

DFG listed the violations against journalists in the last two days as follows:

* Gazete Duvar Reporter Kadir Cesur was wounded with a rubber bullet during the incidents in Van. Cesur was hit by two rubber bullets. His body was bruised due to the rubber bullets hitting his kneecap and leg.

* Journalist Ruşen Takva was intervened by water cannons.

* Journalist Oktay Candemir was subjected to police confiscation of his mobile phone, forced deletion of footage and insults while trying to film the protests.

* Five journalists were attacked by the police while filming the police intervention at various points.

* KRT reporter Umut Taştan was hit by a rubber bullet.

* Rudaw cameraman Muhammed Şakir was hit by a tear gas bomb.

* Journalist Serkan Kaya was threatened with death after he filmed people alleged to be relatives of the AKP Hakkari provincial chairman who used weapons against demonstrators during the protests in Hakkari. Kaya took shelter in a building in order to escape from the people who chased him with guns and threatened him with death. It is learned that the people called Kaya on the phone and said, 'come out, we will kill you'.

* During the night clashes in Batman, Mezopotamya Agency and Jinnews reporters were deliberately sprayed with water cannons while they were covering the demonstrations.

* The police attacked the people showing their democratic reaction in Siirt and beat NeHaber Agency reporters.

The statement concluded: "The attacks are carried out by law enforcement officers who are supposed to protect and safeguard journalists. Firstly, we convey our get well wishes to all fellow journalists who have been attacked since yesterday. On this occasion, we once again call on the government and the law enforcement forces at its disposal to put an end to the attacks on journalists as soon as possible. We strongly condemn and reject these attacks on the people's right to information. We expect the authorities to take the necessary measures to ensure the safety of journalists working in the field. Otherwise, the current government will be responsible for any negative developments."