Explosion kills 2, injures 17 in Manbij

In Manbij, 2 people died and 17 others were wounded due to the explosion of a mine residue.

An explosion occurred in the village of Yalanlî in Manbij due to the detonation of a mine residue on Monday. The explosion took place while local residents were harvesting the crops in an olive orchard. According to the initial reports, two people lost their lives and 17 people were wounded.

The victims, Samiya Ekreş, Zeîm Ebdulhisên, and the wounded residents were taken to the Berkel Hospital in the city.

Those wounded by the explosion were identified as Dendî Hisên, Alya El Ehmed, Nesrîn El Hisên, Hece Raîd, Mihemed Hisên El Hisên, Kewser Mistefa El Ekreş, Bitûl Ekreş El Mistefa, Mêrvet Zeîm El Hisên, Fatima, Hûriya Ebdulhisên, Necah Hisên El Ekreş, Rexed Hisên Ebdulhisên, Ednan Mistefa, Sebah Ebdulhisên, Heyfa Ehmed El Hisên, Nûr Raîd Ebdulhisên and Fitêm.