Federation of Independent Journalists and Writers established in Bashur Kurdistan

Journalists and writers from Bashur Kurdistan established the Federation of Independent Journalists and Writers to fight against attempts to restrict freedom of expression and the attacks they suffer.

A press conference organized by journalists and writers was held in Bashur Kurdistan to expose all kinds of rights violations and attacks against them. The journalists announced the establishment of a federation to fight against all attempts to prevent freedom of thought and attacks against reporters.

The statement said: "We, as those outside the circle of political power in response to the current needs of Kurdistan, consider it necessary to gather around an independent and free federation."

Drawing attention to the instability and chaotic situation in Bashur, the statement said: "Due to the internal political and social conflicts in Kurdistan, the lack of trust, the uncertainties about the creation of a needed national stance and strategy, the absence of an effective opposition and the inability to form a public opinion on vital issues, we decided to establish this federation. We found it necessary to address the situation in Bashur Kurdistan, where we face a serious political, social and economic crisis. This paved the way for the expansion of areas of oppression, the prevention of freedom of thought, the restriction and shaping of the professional work of trade unions and non-governmental organizations."

Open to anyone defending freedom of thought

Although the Federation of Independent Journalists and Writers was founded by a few independent people, the statement said that its field of work and goals is Kurdistan in general, and added: "We say that the federation we have established is open to anyone who tries to expand the freedom of thought and who fights against oppression, injustice and suppression of free and brave voices outside the government."

Objectives of the federation

The aims of the federation are as follows:

* To fight against all attempts to prevent freedom of thought.

*To form public opinion against all kinds of laws and regulations that undermine freedom of expression.

* To take a stand against all kinds of violations and attacks against the media, journalists, independent and freelance writers.

*To create a positive environment for freedom of communication and writing activities.

* Establishing relations with international organizations in order to globalize the obstacles and problems in front of independent and free journalists, writers and intellectuals in Bashur Kurdistan.