Free Press Association holds meeting with journalists in Qamishlo

The Free Press Association held a meeting with journalists in Qamishlo to discuss the state and development of the press in Northern and Eastern Syria.

The Free Press Association (YRA) held a meeting in Qamishlo. The meeting was attended by members of media institutions to discuss the obstacles in front of the space for the press and ways to develop this space.

YRA co-chair Dilyar Cizîrî said: "We want to improve the situation in the region and in the press space by holding similar meetings in the whole of Northern and Eastern Syria."

The participants talked about the obstacles and challenges faced by journalists, such as the lack of inter-agency coordination. It was emphasized that the work should be carried out in accordance with the norms and laws of the union.

During the discussions, the participants suggested that professional circuits be made for all journalists.

After the meetings to be held in all provinces, it is expected that a final declaration encouraging media activities in the region will be issued.