HPG reports guerrilla actions in South Kurdistan

According to HPG, two Turkish soldiers died during sniper actions in Metina and Heftanin, and guerrilla sabotage in the region led to the withdrawal of the military from an already occupied location.

The People's Defense Forces (HPG) continue to mount successful resistance to the Turkish occupation operation in the South Kurdistan region of Heftanin, said a statement published by the HPG Press Office on Sunday on the latest developments in the guerrilla area. According to the statement, the HPG and women's guerrilla troops YJA-Star were also able to achieve a significant gain in a zone previously occupied by Turkey as part of their "Battle of Heftanîn" offensive.

The location in question is the village of Banike in Heftanin, where Turkish occupation troops had burned down houses in late August. According to HPG, a military operation was launched there last Thursday (October 15).

"For a while, the movements of the occupying forces were observed before an effective assault was launched by means of sabotage tactics. How many soldiers were killed in the action could not be determined with certainty. On October 17, the occupiers left this area.”

At about the same time as the sabotage in Banike, a guerrilla sniper unit was active in the nearby area of Keshan. The action targeted a military position on the Koxê Mele Yehya hill where one soldier was shot dead. Following the action, the Turkish army bombarded the combat area with mortars and howitzers, and medium-weight weapons were also used. As a result, a conflagration broke out.

Yesterday, Saturday, a Turkish military position was targeted by guerrillas at Hill Dupişk in Minine region, located near Heftanin. "While the entire position was destroyed, including the occupiers inside, the exact number is not known," said the HPG.

Sniper action in Metina

HPG snipers in the Metina region shot dead a soldier in the Turkish military guard Kani Masi.

Air raids in Gare and Avashin

HPG reported continued air attacks of Turkey in South Kurdistan in the last two days. The targets of the bombings on Friday (October 16) were first the village of Meyroke in the Şikeftiyan area near Gare, as well as the Werxele area in Avashin region. Further air strikes against Geliye Avashin followed on Saturday (October 17). There were no guerrilla losses as a result of the attacks.

State terror against villagers in Hakkari

HPG reported a wave of arrests in the middle of the week in Hakkari province in the course of a military operation. On Wednesday, at least 22 mostly elderly and sick people were arrested by Turkish forces, and two elderly citizens are now in custody on charges of alleged "terrorist support".

According to the HPG, the Turkish military operation was launched on Wednesday and concentrated mainly on the villages of Gizê, Zaîte, Tixubê, Gûzereşê, Sirtê Helwesîs and Sirtê Pîrê in Çukurca district and Hill Şehîd Egîd. The people in Gûzereşê were subjected to repression and some of them were arrested by the Turkish forces. On Thursday the Turkish troops partaking in the operation withdrew from the area.