İHD, KESK, DİSK and Roboski families react to Med Nuçe's closure

Labour and human rights NGOs in Turkey gave messages of solidarity with Med Nuçe TV. İHD, DİSK, KESK and Roboski Association chairs protested Eutelsat’s decision and called for action.

Med Nuçe’s broadcast was cut on October 3, at 10:00 after the closure decree on September 29. This decision coincided with the closing of more than 20 radio and television networks by the AKP regime. Associations and unions working in the social area have protested the decision harshly and analyzed why Med Nuçe was important and why it was being silenced.


İHD Chairperson Öztürk Türkdoğan: The closing of Med Nûçe coincides with the closing of other networks. This means the process is happening in both Turkey and Europe.

But, it should be seperately questioned that the country Med Nuçe broadcasts from, that is subject to European Union laws takes this decree for closing the network. Because a television network can only be closed with a court decision. As there is no court decision to this end, it is apparent that there is a violation here.

Here, capitalism has superceded European law. This is something European legislators should question. Med Nûçe’s closing in this fashion shows that the legal system is open to all kinds of abuse. European countries have a role in the Kurdish issue that has spanned more than a century. These countries don’t want this issue resolved. This decision shows that these tendencies and roles continue.

We had the chance to witness the ongoing war in Turkey and Kurdistan’s cities. The rights violations here were also brought to the silver screen by Med Nûçe. We were able to learn what the PKK, one of the two parties in this war, thought via Med Nûçe. Med Nûçe was almost the only television network that achieved this.


KESK Co-chairperson Lami Özgen: There is great pressure on the opposition and free press in Turkey. Several TV and radio networks were closed. The oppression of the free press, the eyes and voice of the peoples, has transcended borders. Different and dirty international relationships have been played and Med Nûçe TV’s broadcast was stopped unlawfully. Med Nûçe TV has been the voice of peoples and workers since the day it opened. The witch hunt that started with the state of emergency excuse continues inside and out. We stand with Med Nûçe, targeted by tyranny and oppression.

All our activities on the subject of labor, including the public and private workers, was broadcast by Med Nûçe. Our activities and demonstrations centering on the demand for democracy were also always on Med Nûçe’s screens. They exposed the unlawful acts of the government. Med Nûçe has been our voice and our words since the day it opened. I condemn the closing of Med Nûçe and other TV networks. We will raise our voice against those who dare touch our voice and we will increase the common struggle.


DİSK Chairperson Kani Beko: Several television and radio stations were closed in Turkey. There is no reason for their closing, there is no legal notice. These media outlets were the dissident voice of the country. The televisions that were the voice of the workers, the villagers, the youth, the Kurdish people have been shut down. The country is run by Statutory Decrees. 100 thousand education workers were removed from duty by the previous Statutory Decree, trustees were appointed to municipalities. Now the free press is targeted. Law and democracy are trampled. All who don’t obey the government are targeted. A great regime of oppression has been built. No TV networks can mention the pressure against the free press on their news. They are afraid of the truth. The state of emergency must be lifted immediately. The unlawful acts of the Statutory Decrees must be ratified. We as DİSK support the closed TV and radio networks. We express our solidarity.

I was in the Kurdish provinces last week. The workers are greatly worried for the path the country’s on. I met with mayors, they feel the same way. Med Nûçe was the voice of the workers. We relayed worker’s health and precarity issues to the general public through Med Nûçe. We were able to let people know about the work murders because of Med Nûçe. Med Nûçe broadcasts included three fundamental issues DİSK prioritizes. It was the voice of the struggle we waged against the slavery act. It made numerous programs on seniority indemnity, the individual pension fund and subcontract work. It put the story of our worker brothers who burned to death in the construction sites to the screens. Med Nûçe wanted these lands to have true democracy. Their programs were very important.

DİSK Chairperson Abdullah Baştürk was tried for execution during the fascist junta of the September 12, our administrators were in prison for 4.5 years. 500 thousand members of our unions were forcibly transferred to other unions. But we didn’t give up and we rose from our ashes. Now there are closures again, there is pressure, but we will get past this with a common struggle. The common fight against the fascist dictatorship will grow. Lastly, as the poet says, “We shall not die without chanting”.


Roboski Association Chairperson Veli Encü: I protest the closing of Med Nûçe TV. When the Roboskî massacre happened, the mainstream media played ostrich, but the Kurdish media played a historic role in exposing the massacre. The truth couldn’t be obstructed. Med Nûçe has always been with us in our struggle for justice, it was our voice and our breath. They are being targeted in part because of this.

The Roboskî families are very upset. They consider this an attack on their struggle for justice. But we won’t stay silent. We support Med Nûçe that made our voice heard. This oppression won’t stop our struggle. We will hold a big march to the Roboskî cemetery. We will show solidarity with Med Nûçe and other television networks that made our voice heard throughout the world.