Journalist Ahmet Ayva arrested

Journalist Ahmet Ayva was arrested and taken to Silivri prison after the 3.5-year prison sentence given for "propaganda for a terrorist organization" was confirmed.

An investigation was opened against journalist Ahmet Ayva in 2018 for "insulting Erdoğan". The investigation was turned into an accusation of "propaganda for an illegal organization" during the trial. Ahmet Ayva was arrested after the 3.5-year prison sentence given to him was confirmed.

Ayva made the following statement on his social media account: “My 3.5-year prison sentence, which was filed as an insult case against President Erdoğan in 2018 and was later turned into propaganda for the PKK, was confirmed. I am being taken to Silivri prison. See you in the days when there is freedom of criticism in Turkey, and it is not a crime to say 'children should not die'!”