Journalist Ayşenur Arslan released

Journalist Ayşenur Arslan was released after giving her statement at the courthouse in Istanbul.

Journalist Ayşenur Arslan, who was taken into custody within the scope of the investigation launched against her because of her comments about the bomb attack in Ankara, was released after giving her statement at the Istanbul Courthouse in Çağlayan on Tuesday evening.

Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor's Office announced that Arslan was taken into custody on allegations of "making propaganda for a terrorist organization" and "praising the crime and the criminal".

The Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK) launched an investigation against Halk TV and Arslan due to the statements Arslan used after the attack in Ankara, and Halk TV Concessionaire Cafer Mahiroğlu announced that the Medya Mahallesi (Media Quarter) program presented by Arslan was taken off the air.