Journalist Dilan Oyunş released

Journalist Dilan Oyunş, whose release was postponed five times, was released from Sincan Prison.

Journalist Dilan Oyunş, who has been held in Ankara Sincan Women's Closed Prison since 2016 on the allegation of being a "member of a terrorist organization", was released. Oyunş was welcomed by her family, journalist friends and members of the Lawyers Association for Freedom (ÖHD) when she left Sincan Prison.

Oyunş's family was kept waiting in front of the prison for 8 hours. Oyunş, who was greeted by her friends with the slogan "Jin jîyan azadî", saluted the prisoners who resisted isolation.

Release postponed five times

Oyunş, a journalist of Azadîya Welat Newspaper, was brought to the board on 27 April, although her sentence ended on 26 April 2022, and was told that she would remain in prison because of "bad behaviour". Oyunş, who appeared before the board for the second time on 21 July 2022, was not released and in fact was kept in jail for a further 6 months because she did not show "regret" this time. The Administration and Observation Board, which met for the third time on 21 January 2023, prevented her release again, citing the disciplinary penalty given to her. The board, which met for the fourth time on 27 March 2023, once again blocked her release and postponed it for another 6 months because she did not show "regret". Her release was postponed once again in September 2023.