Journalist Ehmed: 100 days incommunicado

Journalist Silêman Ehmed was abducted by the KDP security forces in South Kurdistan 100 days ago.

Journalist Silêman Ehmed, who worked for the Arabic-language editorial office of RojNews in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, was arrested by the ruling KDP’s security forces on 25 October and taken to an unknown location.

Today marks the 100th day of Ehmed's abduction and the authorities have not released any information about his condition or whereabouts. His lawyers have also been denied any contact.

The KDP Secret Service accuses the journalist, who comes from Rojava, of having links to the PKK. His arrest at the Sêmalka-Pêşxabûr border crossing between the Autonomous Region of North and East Syria and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) after a visit to his family in Aleppo was only confirmed by the Asayish (Local Security) in Duhok six days after the journalist's disappearance. RojNews describes the accusations against Silêman Ehmed as unsubstantiated allegations that have no connection to his five years of work as an editor.