Journalist Ehmed's mother: Release my son

Journalist Silêman Ehmed's mother called for pressure on the KDP government to achieve her son’s release.

211 days after Rojnews' Arabic editor Silêman Ehmed was kidnapped by the KDP government, his lawyers were able to meet with him for the first time on Wednesday.

His brother Xalih Ehmed, who was in Germany, talked to him on the phone for 2 minutes.

Journalist Silêman Ehmed's mother, Sultane Ehmed, said: "Silêman talked to his brother and said he was fine." The woman thanked everyone who put pressure on the government of South Kurdistan about the visit of the lawyers and said: "All the accusations of the KDP are against the law and my son has nothing to do with these accusations."

The journalist's mother called on organizations and journalists to continue their pressure on the KDP to achieve her son's release. She said: "The KDP's accusations have no truth in them. There is no legitimacy for my son to remain in prison, and he should be released."

Sultane Ehmed added: "The KDP has kidnapped my son for 8 months. He is not guilty of anything. I did not hear his voice even once during this entire process."