Martyr journalist Rizgar Deniz commemorated in Maxmur Camp

Journalists commemorated Rizgar Deniz, a free press employee who fell martyr on 18 December 2017 as a result of the attack by ISIS mercenaries. Rizgar's colleagues said: "We will not leave the camera falling from Rizgar's hands."

Rizgar Adanmış (Rizgar Deniz), a Kurdish reporter working for ANHA News Agency, Çira TV and Stêrk TV  had suffered critical wounds as result of an ISIS attack against civilians in Deir ez-Zor countryside on 12 October, 2017. On 18 December, he lost his life in a hospital in Qamishlo, where he had been receiving treatment. Two other Kurdish journalists, Dilishan Ibis and Hogir Mihemed, had been killed along with dozens of civilians in the same attack.

Rizgar Deniz was commemorated in Şehit Rüstem Cudi (Maxmur) Camp today by his colleagues. 

Maxmur journalists paid tribute to Deniz and said they will follow in his footsteps.

Journalist Nupel Amed paid tribute to all the free press martyrs represented by Deniz. "We won't leave martyr Rizgar's camera fall."

Journalist Hilal Rizgar pointed out that Martyr Rizgar Deniz was hard working and said: "Rizgar was small with the small, and big with the big. Rizgar was very popular in the community and was carrying out press work with Deniz Fırat in the camp. When Deniz Fırat fell martyr, Rizgar continued to work, knowing that journalists who are after the truth are often targets. As Maxmur Camp journalists, we promise that we will follow on the path of martyrs."

Journalist Leyla Oremar also recalled Rizgar and said: "We promise to walk on the path of the martyrs."

Rizgar Deniz was born in Siirt, Northern Kurdistan in 1991. His family fled Turkish fascism in Kurdish villages in Botan region during 1993-1994 and migrated to Southern Kurdistan in 1996. From the building of the Makhmur Camp in 1998, he lived there with his family until 2014.

He then started his study at the Department of Communications of a university in Southern Kurdistan. Yet, he didn’t wait to finish his study to work as a journalist as he was so eager to be an active part of the Kurdish struggle. In 2012, he started to distribute Rojev newspaper and write news articles in Makhmur to be the voice of his people as he witnessed the invasion in Kurdistan.

After the martyrdom of his friend Deniz Fırat in an ISIS attack in Makhmur, and the ISIS onslaught on Shengal in August 2014, he went to Shengal to report about the happenings there. He made the voice of Êzidî people heard by the world, and became the voice of resistance in Shengal.

He then went to Rojava where he reported the developments on the very frontlines amid battles across Northern Syria. He covered the fight against ISIS until the day he got seriously wounded, which eventually led to his martyrdom during the Operation Cizire Storm in Deir ez-Zor countryside.