MKG: 10 women journalists were detained in Turkey in April

Mesopotamia Women Journalists Association announced its rights violations report for April. Accordingly, 10 women journalists were detained last month, and 24 journalists are still on trial.

The Mesopotamia Women Journalists Association (MKG) announced its report on rights violations against women journalists in April. 

The report emphasised that the Free Press, which defends the people's right to information and does not give up writing the truth, continues to be targeted: "The AKP government, which could not digest the defeat it suffered in the 31 March local elections, continues its pressures and attacks against the Free Press after the elections as well as before the elections. While the month of April was marked by detentions and arrests of journalists, journalists were brought before judges this month as well, as they are every month, on the grounds of their news reports."

The report recalled that 9 journalists were detained on 23 April within the scope of an Istanbul-based investigation and stated the following "3 journalists, including 1 woman, were imprisoned on charges of 'membership in an illegal organisation' based on their news reports. The government, which tries to spread intimidation and fear by detaining and arresting journalists, both usurps the people's right to information and violates the Constitution. As MKG, we appeal to the government; for the democratisation of Turkey and the solution of problems, remove all obstacles to freedom of the press and freedom of expression and stop putting journalism on trial. Journalism is not a crime, it cannot be put on trial."

According to the report, violations against women journalists in April are as follows:

"* Journalists attacked: 1

* Detained journalists: 10

* Arrested journalists: 1

* Journalists subjected to ill-treatment: 2

 * Threatened journalists: 2

* Journalists prevented from covering news: 5

* Violations against journalists in prisons: 1

* Journalists sued (acquitted): 2

* Journalists on trial: 24

* Number of imprisoned female journalists as of 1 April: 7"


1. Derya Ren - JINNEWS Correspondent

2. Esra Solin Dal - Mesopotamia Agency (MA)

3. Elif Ersoy - Editor-in-Chief of Yürüyüş Magazine

4. Hatice Duman - Owner and Editor-in-Chief of Atılım Newspaper

5. Özlem Seyhan - Journalist

6. Tülay Canpolat - Sabah Newspaper Ankara Correspondent

7. Selamet Turan - Journalist